Sathyakathe Starting from 28th August – Monday to Friday at 1.00 PM on Udaya TV

Udaya TV’s Latest Kannada Fiction Show With Actress Surthi – Sathyakathe

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Sathyakathe is a show based on reality of life. The show emphasis with the happenings in the real life of individuals dealing with their problems and real incidents happening in their life. The Kannada TV show revolves around the problems of people in society where they require a moral support as help which will help them to make a better life themselves. The show also guides them by giving real judgement as to how they have to live and sort out their differences which were not been sold till then.

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The show is hosted by highly admired actress and very popular heroine of Kannada industry SHRUTHI. She is very Popular among kannada audience and has acted in more than 100 Kannada Movies. She has got a large fan followers of women in Karnataka. The show strives some hand and unbelievable real incidents in life and Shruthi will discuss the individual problems on the day’s episode.

Sathya kathe Udaya TV On Sun NXT App
Sathya kathe Udaya TV On Sun NXT App

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This gives an opportunities of viewers to come forward to discuss their problems and share their numerous emotions stories without any inhabitations. This is a platform for couples or families get an opportunity to sort out their internal conflicts as well as motivate them self to sort out their differences and live together happily.

Shruthi tries hand to brings the couple or family together giving a proper judgement where in both the parties are convinced and try to change their ways of living and be happy. This show also helps many disturbed families to come out their disputes and it is basically a counselling show where the couple or family go back re united and try to understand each other. The host also provides good amount of advice to the family or couple as to how life can change by making small adjustments and compromises.

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“Sathyakathe” from 28th Aug Mon – Fri 01 PM only on Udaya TV.

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