Namma Lacchi Serial Promotions – Star Suvarna Used Augmented Reality Video for the first time in the history of Kannada TV

Star Suvarna Latest Serial Namma Lacchi Promotions

Augmented Reality Video Namma Lachchi
Augmented Reality Video Namma Lachchi

Star Suvarna’ used ‘Augmented Reality Video’ for the first time in the history of Kannada TV serial “Namma Lacchi” in press advertisement. Brand new serial “Namma Lachchi” is telecasting on your favorite Star Suvarna Vahini from today at 8.00 pm Mon-Sat. Star Suvarna, which has always given priority to innovation, has this time promoted the serial “Namma Lachchi” in an innovative way.

This is the first time in the history of Kannada Television that an Augmented Reality video has been made for a press advertisement for a serial. Augmented reality video has been used in press advertisement for the promotion of “Namma Lachi” serial starting on Star Suvarna Channel.

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You can experience this on your mobile when you scan the QR code in the advertisement of ‘Namma Lachchi’ serial in today’s daily newspaper. This way viewers can get a different kind of experience. Sangeet Andre Pancha Prana for a small child growing up in a village. The story of the serial ‘Namma Lachchi‘ is about how this baby cuckoo, who is a huge fan of music maestro Sangam Satnoor, comes to know the harsh truth that he is his father.

Namma Lacchi Serial Promotions
Namma Lachchi Promotions

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