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how can i watch online videos of naagin season 4 episode 1 and upcoming episodes

online episodes of naagin season 4
वूट अप्प डाउनलोड कलर्स टीवी

latest edition of most awaited hindi television series premiered with good reviews, past three season of naagin show earned high trp rating and all positive responses from all. first episode aired 14th december , every weekend at 8.00 p.m is the telecast timing. Manyataa character played by Sayantani Ghosh planning to marry Keshav, Manyataa is a Naagin princess from Sheshnag clan and Keshav is a human. Shalin Bhanot is playing the role of keshav in naagin season four, Manyataa give up her magical powers and become helpless in a situation her husband and family attacked by enemies.

trp ratings publishing thursday, we can expect first week trp of naagin s04 soon, we will update the same here

Bawara Dil Serial Info
बावरा दिल

Online Episodes

Jasmin Bhasin playing the role of Nayantara, she is the daughter of Manyataa and Keshav. She will get the power and take revenge against the murderers of her father keshav. we have already updated here about the complete castand crew of the show. Online videos of naagin season 4 will be available only on voot app, there will be no uploads at YouTube or any other platforms. you can subscribe to the ott app and check past episodes of all colors tv programs. past three season of nagin serial dubbed into many indian languages, we can expect the same on malayalam, tamil, telugu etc.

telecast time of naagin s4
वूट अप्प नागिन 4
  • geetha, colors kannada launching latest television serial very soon, coming promos started showing now


Vidya- 07:00 PM
Choti Sarrdaarni – 07:30 PM
Shakti – 08:00 PM
Luv Kush – 08:30 PM
Shubhaarambh – 09:00 PM
Bahu Begum- 09:30 PM
Bepanah Pyaarr – 10:00 PM
Bigg Boss 13 – 10:30 PM

Jasmin Bhasin as Nayanthara Mihir Sippi
Jasmin Bhasin as Nayanthara Mihir Sippi

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