DJ Keeps Dadababu Hidden from the World: A twisted plot unfolds in Sony SAB Serial Vanshaj

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Mahir Pandhi as DJ (Digvijay) in Serial Vanshaj
Mahir Pandhi as Digvijay in Serial Vanshaj

Sony SAB Serial Vanshaj is a family business drama centered around Yuvika (Anjali Tatrari), who challenges traditional family dynamics and believes that family business should be inherited based on the abilities, not on the basis of gender.

This leads to disagreements in the Mahajan empire. In recent episodes, DJ (Mahir Pandhi) schemes and plots against Yukti (Anjali Tatrari) to provoke her reactions and reveal her true identity. However, despite DJ’s attempts, Yukti prevents his plans each time as she continues her mission to challenge DJ and take control of the Mahajan empire.

Serial Vanshaj Written

In the upcoming episodes, along with revealing Yukti’s truth, Digvijay has been hiding Dadababu from everyone for the past year while he is in a coma state. DJ’s aim is to access the overseas account, for which only Dadababu knows the password.

However, Yukti senses suspicious incidents in the Mahajan mansion and begins to suspect Digvijay’s intentions, believing that he is hiding something big and significant from the entire Mahajan family and determined to uncover the truth. This shocking news promises viewers more suspense and drama in the show.

DJ Role Played By

Vanshaj Serial
Vanshaj Serial

Mahir Pandhi, who plays the character of DJ (Digvijay) says, “DJ has undertaken numerous actions to seize control over the entire Mahajan empire and become the only Vanshaj. While on a mission to uncover the truth behind Yukti’s identity who poses a threat to his ambition, Digvijay’s vicious schemes have never taken a pause.

Hiding Dadababu in the basement of the Mahajan empire just to get password access adds up to his brutal deeds. The hunger for power brings heaps of drama and tension. These developments promise to captivate viewers with heightened suspense and intrigue in the storyline.”

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