Kshama Television Mega Serial On Udaya TV Launching on 4th March at 8.00 P.M

Every Monday to Friday at 8.00 P.M is the Telecast Timing of Udaya TV Serial Kshama

Udaya TV is the pioneer channel to bring entertainment to every home. Udaya TV is always among the first to bring fresh storylines and concepts. Udaya TV is now all set to bring new women based daily soap to reach the hearts of all the viewers. Women’s participation in all areas and sector of the society is remarkable. Right from taking care of household/domestic responsibilities to a top performer in work places as well, a woman has been proving herself and has been number one in all the achievements. That is why a woman represents god, is called the other form of FORGIVENESS and is often referred to MOTHER EARTH.

Kshama Udaya TV Serial Online
Udaya TV Serial Online Episodes

Story Of Udaya TV Serial

A Story and struggle of a middle aged woman, the difficulties she goes through while taking care of family, the hurdles she comes across for her children’s education are the vitalities of the story. This is not just a story, it’s a reality we see in everyday life. We see a lot of Kshama like Brave woman and consider her as a positive fighter amongst us. This serial captures the emotional yet brave journey of middle aged women, Kshama. this is a story of woman who takes up the whole responsibility of running the family on her shoulders after being left by her husband. The story revolves around the Kshama and her 2 kids Jaanavi and Vicky.

Shwetha Rao Latest Serials
Shwetha Rao Latest Serials

Cast and Crew

This kannada tv serial is being directed by Bharateesh, who has given multiple hits in the television history and Production is handled by MEDIA HOUSE. The lead role is played by Shwetha Rao (Heroine) and other cast includes Vishwas Bhardwaj, Latha, Vicky and Malathi Mysore. Will she be able to give her children the education she wants them to have? Will the society give her an opportunity to get a roof for herself and her children? Will she be able to get through these hurdles? and multiple crisis and how she solves it with ease forms the core of the story line.

Udaya TV Kannada Television Serial 2019
Udaya TV Kannada Television Serials

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