Komola O Shreeman Prithwiraj Serial Launched on Star Jalsha Channel – Story of Manik & Komola

Story of Komola O Shreeman Prithwiraj Serial – Sukrit Saha as Manik and Ayanna Chatterjee as Komola

Sukrit Saha as Manik
Sukrit Saha as Manik

Star Jalsha is all set to present a sweet, entertaining, witty yet meaningful, romantic comedy Komola O Shreeman Prithviraj, starting on Monday. show is produced by Acropolis Entertainment. Komola is played by Ayanna Chatterjee and Sukrit Saha is playing the role of Manik. Other important roles will be played by the ensemble cast Kushal Chakraborty, Abhijit Guha, Sohini Sanyal, Kaushik Chakraborty and many others. A magnum opus on Bangla television, Komola O Shreeman Prithwiraj promises moments of tender love, laugh out loud funny situations and wholesome yet meaningful, rom-com narrative with enticing visuals.

Star Cast

Manik Role Played by Sukrit Saha
Komola Role is played by Ayanna Chatterjee
Kushal Chakraborty
Abhijit Guha
Sohini Sanyal
Kaushik Chakraborty

Komola Played by Ayanna Chatterjee
Komola Played by Ayanna Chatterjee


Manik is a lively, irrepressible troublemaker, a notorious brat, far from his studies, who admires Shreeman Prithviraj as his role model and often fantasizes himself as the great king. Komola, on the other hand, is a sophisticated, well-educated and intelligent girl who not only is well versed but can also converse in English, which is an achievement for girls or women at her time. She can also play piano and is well groomed.

The show Komola O Shreeman Prithwiraj portrays how Manik & Komola – the two diametrically opposite teenagers, who hardly understand anything about love or marriage, have to get married. Their families are equally poles apart, Manik’s father Phonibhushan being an advocate (Played by Kushal Chakraborty) is a man of reasons & sensibilities and a true patriot at heart, who doesn’t lose a chance to win a lawsuit against the Britishers. Komola’s father, Rudrapratap, is a British loyalist who desperately wants the Rai Bahadur title from the Britishers. As fate unfolds, both the fathers, who hate each other, are bound to get their children Manik and Komola get married off to each other.

Thus begins the story of two young hearts as they slowly unfold their romance to the viewers. A series of incidents- both funny and heart-warming follow, when Komola lives her life in Manik’s house with her two mother-in-laws, father-in law and other family members.

Komola O Shreeman Prithwiraj Story
Komola O Shreeman Prithwiraj Story

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