Guddi Maruti as Doly in Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ke, My Character is Very Lively and Adores her Grandson

Pashminna Serial Sony SAB Star Cast – Doly Role Played by Guddi Maruti

Guddi Maruti as Doly in Pashminna
Guddi Maruti as Doly in Pashminna

Set in the beautiful backdrop of Kashmir, Sony SAB’s ‘Pashminna- Dhaage Mohabbat Ke’ narrates the love story of Pashminna (Isha Sharma) a starry-eyed romantic who falls in love at first sight with a hard-nosed businessman Raghav (Nishant Malkani). While the two lovers were about to unite after facing multiple hurdles, destiny had other plans for them, separating them once again.

The romantic drama has taken a one-year leap and introduced fresh characters. One such character is veteran actor Guddi Maruti as the lively grandmom, Dolly.

As the story takes a leap, Pashminna is getting engaged to Rishi (Leenesh Mattoo) and Guddi Maruti is seen playing his vibrant dadi, Dolly. In a candid conversation, she opens about her character, shooting in Kashmir, and her connection with her on-screen grandson, Leenesh.

Guddi Maruti Talking About The Character

Pashminna - Dhaage Mohabbat Ke Written
Pashminna – Dhaage Mohabbat Ke

Tell us a bit about your character?

Guddi Maruti, I’m playing the role of Dadi who adores her grandson and loves to have fun with him. She’s the type of grandma who likes to tease him playfully and give him a bit of trouble just for laughs. What makes Dadi fascinating is that she brings an element of fun and levity to the storyline. While there are emotional moments, the essence of the character revolves around enjoying life and cherishing the special bond she shares with her grandson and the entire family.

How was your experience shooting for Pashminna?

Guddi Maruti, I got a call from Pashminna team, and it was good news. They told me about a shoot happening in Kashmir soon and this got me interested. The shoot went smoothly, mostly in Kashmir. Then we came back to Mumbai to finish the rest of the work. It was nice shooting in beautiful locales of Kashmir for the show. I had a lot of fun there.

How was your bond with Rishi (Leenesh Mattoo) on the screen?

Guddi Maruti, It was wonderful working with Leenesh and the whole team. Off-screen as well, we used to have lots of fun. Whenever we would shoot together, we made it a point to sit together and eat. We would talk a lot and we all got along well. When you have a great team, everything goes smoothly, and shooting becomes a lot of fun.

Guddi Maruti as Doly

Pashminna - Dhaage Mohabbat Ke
Pashminna – Dhaage Mohabbat Ke

What sets this show apart from others you’ve worked on?

Guddi Maruti, What makes this show special is that it’s set in Kashmir, and that makes it authentic. This show is all about love and passion. It highlights the beauty of Kashmir and the beauty of love. This show is all about celebrating love against the stunning backdrop of Kashmir. Its unique setting makes it stand out from other shows, adding a special charm. In my view, the focus on love and the beauty of Kashmir truly makes it unique.

As someone with extensive experience in the entertainment industry, did you advise the young actors on the show, or did they come to you for any advice?

Guddi Maruti, We used to have a lot of chat sessions on the set where I would share stories with the actors.  While I didn’t impose my advice on them, I always made myself approachable and available for any guidance they might seek. They would often come to me seeking insights or advice on various aspects of their craft and even navigating the industry. It was truly gratifying to be able to share my experiences and offer support to the next generation of actors.

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