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From 21st September Monday to Saturday – Devi Aadhi Parashakthi Serial

Devi Aadhi Parashakthi Serial
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Udaya TV is the most promising TV channel for the people of Karnataka for Years. Continuing its tradition of giving quality entertainment, Udaya TV is all set to launch mega entertainment shows. Your companion for evenings, Udaya TV is going to start a new afternoon serial which is will entertain and enrich your lives. It’s the Kannada dubb version of Dangal tv show, Sun network recently dubb the same on Surya TV Channel as Aadhi Parashakthi.

Devi Aadhi Parashakthi at 12:00 Noon

Udaya TV is Launching serials with stories that are packed with a range of stories, Devotional to Power, Love & its wonderful rules and complications, fear to Bravery. With devotion and spirituality at the heart of the stories, Udaya TV is launching two serials, Back to Back from September 21st Monday to Saturday. At 12:00pm the audience will get to see the power and purity of the all-encompassing goddess Parashakthi showing her true might and magnificence in Devi Aadhi Parashakthi.

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at 12:30 pm we have Lord Krishna narrating the story of Ram’s most humble and mighty disciple Hanuman in “Jai Bhajarangi”. These two shows will no doubt be not just entertaining but it will enrich people’s heart & mind with spirituality too for all the wonderful viewers of Udaya TV.

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