Colors Bangla Cinema introduces a New Brand Promise – Saat Ronge Bandha (Unified by Seven Colours)

Saat Ronge Bandha – Leading Channel Dedicated To Bengali Cinema, Colors Bangla Cinema Is Thrilled To Announce The Unveiling Of Its New Brand Identity

Colors Bangla Cinema New Logo
অ্যাকশন, রোমান্স, ফ্যান্টাসি, থ্রিলার, কমেডি বা ড্রামা, সিনেমার বিভিন্ন রঙের একটাই ঠিকানা এখন

Colors Bangla Cinema, a leading channel dedicated to Bengali cinema, is thrilled to announce the unveiling of its new brand identity, centered around the promise of “Saat Ronge Bandha” (Unified by Seven Colors). This rebranding represents a significant milestone in the channel’s journey and reinforces its commitment to delivering diverse and captivating content to its viewers.

Cinema, in its essence, is a powerful manifestation of human emotions. Different genres, such as romance, comedy, drama, action, thriller, and fantasy, address these emotions in unique ways, adding magic and vibrance to people’s lives while instilling new hope in their minds. At Colors Bangla Cinema, the brand promise is to offer an entire spectrum of emotions that touches every chord, much like the seven colours of a rainbow, with an aim to become the ultimate destination for movies, providing a seamless and fulfilling experience for our audience.

Saat Ronge Bandha

The new brand identity of Colors Bangla Cinema has been meticulously designed to capture the unified essence of Bengali cinema, while reflecting the multi-hues of Bengal and the various genres. The design approach involves incorporating iconic cultural signatures of Bengal and colours associated with different emotions to arrive at a captivating colour palette. Each colour represents a specific genre, enabling viewers to instantly connect with the emotions evoked by the films. Pink symbolizes romance, blue signifies drama, orange represents action, yellow reflects comedy, green embodies thriller/horror, and violet portrays fantasy. On the other, the colour red stands for bonding which is also the landing colour for the channel where all other colours come together.

In line with the new brand identity, Colors Bangla Cinema also brings a Blockbuster Movie Festival- ‘Cine Mahotsav’ for its viewers in association with Budleaf as the presenting sponsor and special partner Dear Government Lotteries. Kicking off with a fourteen-day movie festival and with fourteen blockbuster titles, starting from 17th to 30th June, Colors Bangla Cinema aims to offer a seamless entertainment experience. The exciting line up for Cine Mahotsav includes ‘Poran Jaye Jolia Re’, ‘Sasur Bari Zindabad’, ‘Premer Kahini’, ‘Le Halua Le’, ‘Total Dadadgiri’, ‘Bojhena Se Bojhena’, ‘Bolo Dugga Mai Ki’, ‘Sathi’, ‘MLA Phatakesto’, ‘Awara’, ‘Yuddha’, ‘Sedin Dekha Hoechilo’, and ‘Rehmat Ali’.

Saat Ronge Bandha
Saat Ronge Bandha

Colors Bangla Cinema

Sagnik Ghosh, Business Head of Colors Bangla and Colors Bangla Cinema, shared his thoughts on the new brand identity, stating, “With ‘Saat Ronge Bandha,’ we aim to create an emotional resonance with our viewers by bringing together the diverse range of human emotions depicted in Bengali cinema. Our new brand identity truly captures the essence of Bengal, its vibrancy, and the plethora of emotions evoked by different movie genres. Through our wide variety of movies, we are determined to establish Colors Bangla Cinema as ‘The Destination’ for Bengali movies, offering our audience an unparalleled entertainment experience.”

Colors Bangla Cinema will don the new brand identity across various platforms, including on-air promotions, digital channels, social media platforms, and marketing collaterals. To build awareness and tune-ins, the movie festival is being promoted on air, print, on ground, radio activations along with promotions on social media platforms for better reach and engagement.

Embark on a cinematic journey like no other, tune in to Colors Bangla Cinema, your ultimate destination for bengali movies.

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