chakravartin ashoka samrat every monday to friday at 9:00 pm only on colors

chakravartin ashoka samrat on colors

chakravartin ashoka samrat
chakravartin ashoka samrat

tonight we will see, the festivities begin in palace and ashoka vows to get good food for his friends. further, ashoka along with his friends anila, chalukha, kunala and shatrujit enter the palace as vidushaks. ashoka’s friends fail miserably to play their parts but ashoka saves the day through his brilliant juggling skills. after their performance, ashoka tries to steal food only to be caught by sushim who brings him in front of bindusara.

now what will happen next? to know more, don’t miss watching “chakravartin ashoka samrat” on friday, february 13, 2015 at 9.00 pm, only on colors!

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