Bharjari Bachelors Winner is Jagappa , Gilli Nataraj 1st Runnerup and Hanumantha 2nd Runnerup – Zee Kannada

Zee Kannada Telecast the Grand Finale of Bharjari Bachelors Reality Show

Bharjari Bachelors Winner is Jagappa
Bharjari Bachelors Winner is Jagappa

Awesome Bachelors It ended with a bang The final test of a bachelor’s life, Bachelor’s Eligibility Test is on this Sunday. Bharjari Bachelors reality show which showed the life of bachelors in a natural way for the last 4 months and unraveled their efforts to become eligible bachelors is one of the different efforts of television.

10 young people who have made their own mark on Kannada TV and have been brought together, given angels as mentors to guide them, and the work of guiding the bachelors at every stage was done in this program.

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Bharjari Bachelors Winners

  • Bharjari Bachelors Winner is Jagappa ,He won 5 Lakhs Rupees
  • Gilli Nataraj Is the 1st Runnerup – Won 3 Lakhs
  • Hanumantha is The 2nd Runnerup – Won 2 Lakhs

Ravichandran, the crazy star of Karunad, is responsible for monitoring the lives of the bachelors by giving them different tasks with a touch of humor. Rachitharam, the hot favorite of the paddas, appears as a teacher who listens to the boys when they are out of rhythm and does the work of disciplining the boys. Narrator Akul Balaji handled the narration neatly.

This time Malaysia was chosen to perform the different tasks that were given to test the ability of the bachelors every time, a large team of about 50 technicians consisting of 10 pairs formed a task abroad and gave the responsibility of completing it to the bachelors and angels, and this show has the pride of successfully completing the entire episode.

This reality show, which has made news with one or the other special features since its inception, Zee Kannada achieved the distinction of being the first Kannada channel to film its episode in a foreign land through this reality show.

Bharjari Bachelors on Zee Kannada
Bharjari Bachelors on Zee Kannada

Zee Kannada Shows

The bachelors who took the stage as singles like Beke Vadhu Naam Vadhu, performed the task of what would happen if a woman entered their lives, the bachelors became sy, the reality of the lives of so many boys who came on stage to realize their parents’ dreams was revealed in front of the viewers, the bachelors boys did it to win the hearts of the angels. The risk taken by Taska was not only appreciated by the Angels but also by the entire Karunaade.

After seeing the real life of the bachelors who made a name for themselves through acting, Karunadu started their PAN pages on social media and stood to support them. This reality show, which came as a new experiment, successfully reached the finale stage without giving up its slot leader title from the beginning.

Winners of Bharjari Bachelors
Winners of Bharjari Bachelors
Kannada Reality Show Winners

The Bharjari Bachelors platform witnessed the incident of the single bachelor leaving the show as a couple Out of the 10 young people who entered the show as contestants, Sfardhiryova was written on this stage of Munnudian to officially enter married life. Zee Kannada’s Bharjari Bachelors Grand Finale stage witnessed the engagement of this couple in the presence of two family members. Who are the contestants? The question of who is that girl holding his hand will be answered in the grand finale episode.

One of the bachelors who has successfully completed all the ups and downs in the life of the bachelors in the form of a task has won the title of Bharjari Bachelors Season 1. The answer to the question of who will get this title among the bachelors who already have their own fan base, watch the grand finale episode aired on Zee Kannada channel this Sunday at 7 pm without fail. .

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