Best of Luck Nikki Weekly Synopsis – Disney Channel Program

Best of Luck Nikki

Best of Luck Nikki
Best of Luck Nikki Weekly Synopsis

In an effort to win over her Hindi Teacher and raise her marks, Dolly brings Nikki to class and dresses her up in adorable costumes for a Hindi story elocution class. Unfortunately, Nikki has an upset tummy and throws up on Dolly’s teacher – making everyone else in the class sick as well.

Himani substitutes Avtaar as Sunny’s football coach, and they win their first game ever. Sunny and his team decide to fire Avtaar and hire Himani fulltime, but her positive, “do your best and have fun” approach doesn’t work quite as well the second time around. Meanwhile, Rohan takes Nikki to Naani ghar and bonds with all the aunties.

Catch all the fun and masti this Sunday, July 3, 2011 at 11 am only on Disney Channel

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