World’s Weirdest Restaurants – TLC Launches A New Show at 10 P.M From 1st January

Every Night at 10 PM is the Telecast Time of World’s Weirdest Restaurants

World's Weirdest Restaurants
Kayabuki Traven

Seven times Guinness World Record holder, Bob Blumer is all set for a journey of surprises awaiting him from the world of cooking and culinary adventure on WORLD’S WEIRDEST RESTAURANTS. From monkeys that serve beer in a Japanese tavern to the pride owners of Dick’s Last Resort take in their bad service, Bob seeks out the most unconventional and unique dining experiences across the world. WORLD’S WEIRDEST RESTAURANTS premieres every night at 10PM beginning January 1 on TLC.

Over 13 episodes WORLD’S WEIRDEST RESTAURANTS will introduce the viewers to the planet’s 52 most eccentric eateries and their out of box serving and catering styles. This time from the other side of the table, Bob will peep into the insides of what makes these restaurants so popular, despite of their at times annoying innovation of weirdness. The show will explore more on how with a side order of weirdness; food becomes the secondary part of a dining experience.


Rowdy Restaurant : If you are searching for that one rowdy restaurant of the town, you’ve found it. Inspired by the TV show, Gilligin’s Island, the restaurant has the world’s only midget bar. Contrary to that all food at Gilligin’s in Arizona is in huge portion. Playing pranks to mess with the customer and a conventional bar which is only a foot and a half lower, is what makes Gilligin’s a place with Small Bar, Small Bartenders, Big Beers.

Bad Service : Dick’s Last Resort, Texas is the only restaurant on the planet which pride themselves on their awfully bad service. With a wild bunch of Waiters and sarcasm flowing in the air, Dick’s Last Resort becomes a place to eat, drink and laugh. To enjoy this total entertainment package, two things are necessarily needed, a healthy appetite and a really thick skin.

Kids Baking Championship
Kids Baking Championship

Fish for your stomach : In some places you got to sing for your supper, but at Tokyo’s Zauo Restaurant you’ve got to fish for it.  With a 20 meter long boat that appears to be floating in a pond where you have can fish for Sea bream, red snappers, lobsters and even eels. Adding to this weird angle is the compulsion of buying what you fish. You fish for your stomach and leave the rest in the hands of the master chefs of the restaurants as they prepare it anyway you like.

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