Winner Telugu Bigg Boss Reality Show – Star Maa Air the Grand Finale 24th September 2017

Star maa channel air grand finale sunday, 24th september 2017 – winner telugu bigg boss show

Winner Telugu Bigg Boss Reality Show
Winner Telugu Bigg Boss Reality Show

Star maa channel is ready to telecast grand finale and announce winner telugu bigg boss reality show. Top 5 contestants reached the finals of the show and finale will air, sunday at 6.00 p.m onward. #BiggBossTelugu Grand Finale participants are Archana, Adarsh, Shiva Balaji, Navdeep and Hari Teja. Star maa wind up the show after 70 days, they got good trp ratings from this. Bigg boss telugu season 1 started on 16 July 2017 and ending on 24th September 2017. It’s tamil version is still running successfully on star vijay channel.

Finale contestants of the show – telugu bigg boss season 1

1, Archana – she is one of the top contestants of the show, Veda Archana Shastry is the full name. She is getting support form the public voting system. Archana reached the finale and she may be one of the winner of bigg boss telugu season 1.

2, Aadarsh – another contestant reached the finale of the show, Aadarsh Balakrishna is the full name of this contestant. Adarsh is a popular south indian film actor, appeared in telugu, kannada, hindi films. He is the most popular person in this show, getting good support from bigg boss voting system.

3, Navdeep – reached the grand finale of star maa show bigg boss telugu season 1. Navdeep Pallapolu is the full name, he is basically an actor and television personality . Navdeep may be in winner telugu bigg boss reality show. we need to wait few more hours about the results.

4, Shiva Balaji – We can watch the grand finale episode of bigg boss telugu with Siva Balaji Manoharan as one of the contestant. he is a popular film actor and one of the vibrant contestant of the show. Public is supporting shiva through voting. Hope he will be one of the winner of telugu biss boss show.

5, Hari Teja – Popular Telugu actresses, Hari Teja enters the finals of the show. She is a television serial Artist , Anchor, professional Kuchipudi dancer etc.

Winner Telugu Bigg Boss Reality Show will get a prize of 50 Lakhs, stay tuned here for all the updates of the show.

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