Vivo Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Details on Vijay TV – Support Your Favorite Contestants

Vivo Bigg Boss Vijay TV Voting System

vivo bigg boss vijay tv contestants list
bigg boss vijay tv contestants list

Vijay tv started the most awaited show, vivo bigg boss from 25th june 2017. Ulaka nayakan kamal hassan hosting the show, this is his first entry to mini screen. there are 15 contestants (housemates) in bigg boss tamil reality show. viewers can support their favorite contestants by different options. we can check the terms and conditions, methods for voting etc through this post. vijay tv have published the terms and conditions on their official facebook page. you can read the details from that page. google voting mechanism, missed call mechanism etc can be used for the same.

Raiza Wilson, Arav, Sri, Anuya, Gayathri, Oviya, Harthi Ganesh, Sakthi, Namitha, Bharani, Snehan, Vaiyapuri, Ganja Karuppu, Juliana are the contestants of the show. you can vote for favorite participants and support them by voting.

google voting mechanism

you can use google search for supporting your favorite bigg bose contestant. just type ” bigg boss vote ” in the search box and hit go. please check the below image for more details, you can vote by selecting the contestant. select participant profile and enter your votes, it’s 0-50 once selected the same click submit vote. details can be get from the following images, this is the simple way for Vivo Bigg Boss Tamil Voting. this method didn’t charge any amount , one google users will get 50 points in total. you can give 1 to 50 votes with each google accounts.

Bigg Boss Voting
Bigg Boss Voting
bigg boss tamil vote
bigg boss tamil vote

missed call mechanism for bigg boss tamil voting – viewers can cast vote by missed call system, these are the numbers assigned for each contestants.


Participant Name Number
Aarav 7120-122-301
Anuya 7120-122-302
Bharani 7120-122-303
Ganesh Venkatram 7120-122-304
Ganja Karuppu 7120-122-305
Gayathri Raghuram 7120-122-306
Harathi Ganesh 7120-122-307
Juliana 7120-122-308
Namitha 7120-122-309
Oviya 7120-122-310
Raiza 7120-122-311
Shree 7120-122-312
Snehan 7120-122-313
Vaiyapuri 7120-122-314
Shakthi 7120-122-315

28 thoughts on “Vivo Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Details on Vijay TV – Support Your Favorite Contestants”

  1. gayathri and namithava eliminate pannirunga. avanga selfishathana behave pandranga like head weight. gayathrimela thappu liana eduku nallavanga madhiri behave pannanu. kamal sir video podura varailkum oru face adhkapram oru face. avanga full and full nadikranga.

  2. please save bharani . he is a good person .some other home mates snehan ,shakthi , aarthi gayathri,vaiyapuri all are not human beings .they are dominating persons. please disqualified them. I will type tongue English please understand that please sir bharani endha oru mistake panla oru housela adachu vacha madhiri romba disturb ayirukanga. oru human being adhavadhu male ivlo depress anadhu adhuvum reality showla avarum oru uyir thana. avanga treat pandradhu sariye ila first avangala eliminate pannunga.bharaniya pesi pesiye avaru mental madhiri behave pandraru. avanga kaatu kulla irukura miruganga .veli ulagathukulladha avanga heros but reala ila. idhu world fulla pakranga . avangala vanmaiya indhe tamil nadu people kandikurom. bharaniku edavadhu ana adhuku reason only for snehan ,gayathri,aarthi,shakthi, vaiyapuri dha its true.

  3. I vote for Barani , who is an innocent.
    Juliana is very talkative & emotional.
    The two bad elements in the house spoiling the harmony are: Gayathri & Aarathy.
    Ganja karuppu is non-analytical

  4. oviya is the one who is not acting in real life.mocking,enjoying,romancing,dressing well,consoling others,honest,….save oviya

  5. Please eliminate Gayathri and Harathi, Both are too dominating and they both humiliate Juliana a lot which is unfair and unprofessional. I dont think Gayathri is fit to be a leader. Harathi is too sarcastic and back biting which is the worst character I see in her. Instead of appreciating a commoner they put Juliana down. My vote is for Ovia, Sakthi, Ganesh and July.

  6. gayathriii your behavior is very worst don’t behave badly to julyyy… gayathriii is not a achieved person… gayathriii is very head weight person…please disqualified for his captainship position…. gayathriii you are not a human and you are animal…

  7. gayathri she is very dump person she is dash dash dashhhh………………….
    she is a very very irritating person.
    ganja karruppu PUNNAKKU,PORAMPOKKU .

  8. bharani my support He is very very good

    gayathri she is very dump person she is dash dash dashhhh………………….
    and she is a looked, spok so dash dash dash……
    she is a very very irritating person.
    gayathri dump,looser,mental, witch

  9. Gayathrii behave like as roudly.please Disqualify his captioncy…Whose are give permission to badly talk with jullli.she is nattitakkariiii


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