Villa to village Launches on 17 March 2018 Every Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 P.M on Vijay TV

Watch Villa to village On Vijay TV Every Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 PM

Vijay TV Show Villa to Village
Vijay TV Show Villa to Village (வில்லா டு வில்லேஜ்)

Gear up to witness the whole new level of entertainment on Vijay television. A new show is launching to enthuse your weekend. Villa to village is all set to get launched on March 17th, every Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 pm.As the title suggest, this show is going to be roller coaster ride for the contestants who are delicate darlings, and never experienced the village lifestyle. The show will have 12 Modern girls of rich metro lifestyle, they are taken to a perfect raw village and left without any cash in hand to lead the village lifestyle for 40 days.

“வில்லா டு வில்லேஜ் – சனி மற்றும் ஞாயிறு, இரவு 9:30 மணிக்கு உங்கள் விஜய் டிவியில்”

The show will be one of its kind, bridging modern society and village. The contestants must undertake the daily tasks, series of challenges to earn their living in the village. The Girls will need to prove the villagers that they are not just about being stylish and modern, but also can live in the rural land.It’s not just that these Divas must adapt to the village life but they must compete with one another to win the hearts of the villagers and win the title Azhagi. So, the contestants will be judged by the village panchayat.

The contestant with the maximum votes will be eliminated from the show. Eager to know about who the 12 contestants are? Wait and watch for them in the first episode of the show.This entertaining show will be hosted by none other than Ready steady Po fame Andrews. So, Its sure to be a fun filled show. Villa 2 village will be one of its kind reality show. So, don’t miss the show every weekend at 9.30 pm.

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