Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai On SAB TV From 7th July 2014 at 10:30 P.M

Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai On SAB TV

Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai
Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai

SAB TV, one of India’s most loved family channel is all set to launch a multi-level fictional comedy show aptly named ‘Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai’ with veteran actors from the television industry. The show is a wholesome humorous family entertainer and will hit the small screen on 7th July at 10:30pm.

SAB TV takes the genre of comedy to a complete new level altogether with ‘Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai’. The show directed by Rajan Waghdhare, is an innovative family comedy show which shall revolve around the lives of the owners and the tenants living under the same roof of Bungalow No. 5. This TV series shall explore the funny side of the incidents that happen in the daily lives of all the characters in a comical manner. One of the many USPs of this fictional comedy show is the presence of live audience on the sets which adds the element of spontaneity to the entire humorous offering.

Star Cast Of Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai

Alok Nath as Babuji
Rajesh Kumar as Maalik
Shweta Gulati as Maalkin
Apara Mehta as Basundi
Ami Trivedi as Khandvi
Samir Shah as Khakra
Sugandha Mishra as Pillavakandi
Dhaval as Pillu
Manoj Goyal as Anu
Abhishek Awasthi as Malik
Monica Castelino as Victoria Bai
Sukesh as Sher Singh

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