The Amazing Spiez On Discovery Kids – Airs Every Day at 9.00 P.M

The Amazing Spiez On Discovery Kids

The Amazing Spiez
Amazing Spiez

Experience An Adventurous World Of Secret Spies On Discovery Kids In The Amazing Spiez.

Discovery Kids presents an awesome foursome to brighten up every kid’s day in THE AMAZING SPIEZ. Staying true to its promise to offer differentiated programming for children, Discovery Kids brings this action filled journey for its young viewers. The four spies Lee, Marc, Megan and Tony of World Organisation of Human Protection (WOOHP), will be seen uncovering some dangerous criminal activities to protect the world.

Watch a suspense filled series to unfold the secrets with your favorite heroes – Lee, Marc, Megan and Tony only on Discovery Kids.

The Amazing Spiez Show Story and Characters

LEE CLARK: He is the grown up of the pack. While his two brothers share funny, immature traits, Lee is part big brother/part father figure. To him, nothing is more important than his siblings and he would do anything to protect them. Lee is also the strongest, most athletic and most powerful spy.

MARC CLARK: He is the intellectual member of the group. His knowledge of every subject is absolutely dazzling and can sometimes get a little freaky. He is also the tinker kid of the family.

TONY CLARK: He is a hyperactive, no-nonsense, go-getter. In his mind, every problem has a simple and very obvious solution. But being an impatient tween, he has a little too much faith in his common sense and intuition.

MEGAN CLARK: She is an optimistic, high energy girl who has been hanging out with her brothers forever. Her relationship with them is typical of this age; anything the boys can do, she thinks she can do better!

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