Thazhampoo Tamil Serial on Vijay TV Launches on 07 October at 10.00 P.M

Monday to Friday 10.00 P. is the Telecast Time of Vijay TV Serial Thazhampoo

Vijay TV has always been a pioneer in introducing new concepts! THAZHAMPOO is one such kind fiction story that is all set to launch on October 07, airing every Monday to Friday 10 pm. Kaatrin Mozhi is another serial scheduled to start on same day at 9.30 PM, hotstar app will stream all the latest episodes of these shows.

Thazhamboo serial vijay tv
தாழம்பூ அக்டோபர் 07 முதல் இரவு 10 மணிக்கு


Thazhampoo is a supernatural fantasy drama. The story revolves around an emotional clash between Nagalogam, which is a world of Snakes and humans.The king, Nagayogi along with his people (who are snakes) live in Nagalogam. Vasuki is the daughter of the king. Naga (a snake) is a young brave warrior of the kingdom. Naga and Vasuki are engaged. The Crisis arises to Nagalogam when the Athmalingam (athmal ingam is a treasury lingam worshiped by them) goes missing from their world.

Tamil Serial Kaatrin Mozhi On Vijay TV
காற்றின் மொழி அக்டோபர் 07 முதல் இரவு 9.30 மணிக்கு

Nagalogam faces numerous life and death problems due to the nonexistence of athmalingam. Hence the king Nagayogi decides to send his warrior Naga to bring back the athmalingam from earth. Naga goes to the world in search of it. On earth, Shankaran, Saraswathi & family along with their grand-children live in a village. Revathy is one of their grand-daughters, who is very pretty and innocent. She, her family and the entire village religiously worship the athmalingam.

Naga enters the human world. Pretending as an orphan he disguises himself as a human and enters Revathy’s life, to take away the athmalingam. In the due course, Revathy and Naga like each other and they fall in love. Will Revathy come to know the truth about Naga? What will happen if Naga takes away the athmalingam from Revathy is a suspense cum thrilling story!

Cast and Crew

Chandini (Revathy), Amrith (Naga), Angana Roy (Vasuki), Kalidas (Nagayogi), Ravi (Shanmuganathan) and many others. Director of the serial Shanmugam (Rajeev Menon’s asst). Don’t miss to watch this fantasy series on VIJAY TV starting from 07 October 2019, Monday to Friday 10 PM.

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