Super Dancer Chapter 3 Semi Finale episode with the Ex-winners of Super Dancer

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Super Dancer Chapter 3 Semi Finale
Shilpa Shetty having a gala time with the contestants of Super Dancer on Semi Finale day

Actor Paritosh Tripathi glorious journey as Super Dancer’s TRP Mama. When one hears, ‘Mamaji!’, the first impression that rings in one’s mind is, ‘Paritosh Tripathi, the most loved and popular host on Sony Entertainment Television’s kid’s dance reality show Super Dancer Chapter 3. The host who has been shining on the show since inception has always brought in his style and spice each time viewers see him on screen. “I was not the first choice for TRP Mama, it was Pankaj Tripathi”, revealed Paritosh who today, feels blessed being a part of such a wonderful journey.

  • Tejas Verma, Rupsa Batabyal , Jayshree Gogoi , Saksham Sharma , Gourav Sarwan , Akshit Bhandari are remaining in the show

contestants of Super Dancer Chapter 3 Semi Finale

Paritosh who has also worked in films like, ‘Kaashi – In Search of Ganga’ and seen in few of episodes of, ‘Crime Patrol’, played serious characters. His Journey from a serious character to a comic one is what stayed with his fans and followers. ‘Mamaji’ as a character has gained stupendous popularity across age groups. Kids look upon the character as a funny and innocent comedian, youngsters appreciate the kind of innocent romance he does on screen with Judge Shilpa Shetty Kundra and plays the doting bother to Judge Geeta Kapoor and people above 50+ years are inspired by his shayaris.

Super Dancer judges on the Semi Finale day
Super Dancer judges on the Semi Finale day

telecast of Super Dancer Chapter 3 Semi Finale

Expressing how Paritosh fit in the shoes of the character of Mamaji, he shares, “When the channel’s programming head Mr. Ashish Golwalkar approached me for the charter of Mamaji, I wasn’t sure if I will be able to do it. I had my qualms as I consistently went auditioning for one month or so for this character. However, when I had to shoot for the first episode of the show, I suffered from high viral fever.

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