Subhasankalpam gemini serial launching 2nd december at 12.30 Noon

Monday to Saturday at 12.30 PM is the Telecast Time of Telugu TV Serial Subhasankalpam

Subha Sankalpam Serial Telugu
మనందరికీ అమ్మలాంటి వారు, late. శ్రీ గీతాంజలి గారు ఈ ధారావాహిక “శుభసంకల్పం” లో భాగంగా ఉన్నందుకు మేమంతా ధన్యులం. ఈ అమ్మగారు ఇంటిపెద్దగా, కౌసల్యాదేవి గా మీ ముందుకు రాబోతున్నారు.

Serial Mathrudevobhava replaced by Subhasankalpam from this monday ownward’s on gemini tv, it’s the official telugu remake of sun tv series Tamil Selvi. Varshini Arza , Sravan , Pradeep, Geethanjali, Yashvi Kanakala, Abhiram, Indranag etc are in the star cast. Allantha Doorana theme song published on channel’s official Youtube page and getting positive responses. Subhadra Parinayam, Madhumasam are some of the recent programs started by gemini tv. Channel listed at 4th place behind to zee telugu in week 47 barc rating reports. star maa leading the chart and etv telugu listed at 2nd slot now.

Varshini Arza Actress Latest Serials
Popular Telugu Serial Actress

Cast and Crew

Varshini Arza – She is doing the female lead role Rama Lakshmi , if you are looking for the heroine character in gemini tv latest serial Subha sankalpam, it’s Varshini Arza. She appeared in many south indian series, played swetha role in etv telugu serial Sikharam and in gemini tv shows Todikodallu, Mathru Devo Bhava, Mahalakshmi etc.

Sravan – Hero character name is Chaitanya and it’s played by Sravan, channel’s official social media profiles continuously adding promos of Subha sankalpam.

Indranag – Kalyan Ram , popular for his roles in Ringa Ringa, Nonstop films, now playing an important character in the serial.

Geethanjali – Kousalya Devi, She is the grandmother of heroine Rama Lakshmi.

Pradeep, Yashvi Kanakala, Abhiram and many supporiting actors working for the show, sun nxt app will stream latest episodes of this telugu tv serial.

Subhasankalpam gemini serial
Subhasankalpam gemini serial online episodes at sun nxt application

Schedule of gemini

07:00 AM – Annugraham
08:00 AM – Alauddin Adbutha Deepam
08:30 AM – Bill Maaku Thrill Meeku
12:00 PM – Bandham
12:30 PM – Subha Sankalpam
13:00 PM – Kalyani
13:30 PM – Mogali Rekulu
14:00 PM – Matti Gajulu
17:30 PM – Alauddin Adbutha Deepam

Indranag as Kalyan Ram
Actor Indranag Doing the Character Kalyan Ram

18:00 PM – Roja
18:30 PM – Akka Mogudu
19:00 PM – Rendu Rellu Aaru
19:30 PM – Abhilasa
20:00 PM – Pournami
20:30 PM – Bhagyarekha
21:00 PM – Madhumasam
21:30 PM – Subhadra Parinayam
22:00 PM – Nandhini

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