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10 contestants profile of soppana sundari reality show

Santana Maria Lambert, Manju Sankar, JayaLakshmi, Veena Jessi, Pavi Poovappa, Dravya Shetty, Dimple Angelin Grashes, Bavithra, Chandhana, Kaamna are the contestants of sun life channel reality show Soppana Sundari. Rebranded sunlife channel launched today and opening episode was the introduction of participants. All the models are introduced by various artists like Director Venkat Prabhu, Actor Ganesh Venkatram, Actor Krishna etc. Every Saturday and Sunday at 9.00 PM is the telecast time of swapna sundari talent hunt. This reality show is for finding top model, will be one of the attraction of sunlife channel. Image courtesy to official twitter page of the channel.

Soppana Sundari sun life channel
Soppana Sundari sun life channel

Profile name, pictures and profession of the participants

No Contestant Name Image (Click to Enlarge) Notes
1 Manju Sankar ManjuSankar She is participating in swapna sundari top model reality show.
2 Jaya Lakshmi JayaLakshmi Jaya Lakshmi is introduced by ActorRahulto the stage.
3 Veena Jessi VeenaJessi A coustume Designer graduate and passionate model. She was introduced by Ganesh Venkatram
4 Pavi Poovappa PaviPoovappa
5 Dravya Shetty DravyaShetty
6 Dimple Angelin Grashes DimpleAngelinGrashes
7 Bavithra Bavithra Bavithra to the stage of swapna sundari is introduced by VJ turned Actor #Dileep
8 Chandhana Chandhana Actor Krishna introducing this participant to the stage, Here comes the Stunning Chandhana Who won Miss Karnataka and a famous artist in Kannada and Malayalam.
9 Kaamna Kaamna
10 Santana Maria Lambert SantanaMariaLambert

As mentioned above first day was the participants introduction, sun network planning a grand reality show. they aiming more trp to #sunlife channel, bringing latest shows to the viewers. in our previous post we have publishes about the schedule and programs.

Contestants Name and Images of Soppana Sundari Reality Show
Contestants Name and Images of Soppana Sundari Reality Show

Host and mentors

Actor Prasanna is the Host of #SoppanaSundari
Im Sakshi Agarwal – a model-turned-actor, now as the mentor to 10 models of the show
Parvathy Nair – a lovable actress in Tamil, telugu and Malayalam, now as the mentor to the show.

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