Sony MIX – MSM Announces The Launch of Thier New Music Channel From 1 September 2011

Dekho Suno Gungunao – Sony MIX Music Channel

Sony Mix Channel
Sony Mix Channel

Multi Screen Media (Now Sony Pictures Networks) today proudly announced the launch of MIX, A pure Hindi Film Music channel. The latest offering from the MSM bouquet is a destination dedicated to music and all that belongs to it. Coming from the SET, MAX, PIX and SAB family of channels – a group that has prided itself on providing fresh breakthrough programming – MIX too promises an exciting and expansive library of Hindi film songs spanning all eras.

  • as per latest indian music channel trp ratings, mix is listed at 5th position followed by B4U Music, 9XM, Mastiii and MTV Beats


Served through a theme based music play out suiting the need of the hour, these songs set up Sony MIX as a channel where everyone will find their favourites everyday.Addressing the fact that other channels in the genre carry out comic interstitials to drive differentiation, MIX shall reinforce its brand promise of being a destination dedicated to music by dishing out musical factoids.

latest logo of mix channel
dekho suno gungunao

In addition to the extensive music playout, Sony MIX will maintain its undeterred focus on content by producing packaged shows offering right from user generated content to people profiles executed in the most unmistakably musical fashion.


Moving into the gap created by erstwhile music channels rechristened as ‘youth channels’ and other music channels dishing out non-music content as interstitial programming, the channel is confident that viewers shall enjoy MIX as a channel that remains true to the music genre.

MIX Launches on 1st September 2011

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