Sinthanaigal Simplified on Sunday 4th October at 11 A.M on Colors Tamil

Gurudev and Sathish Engage in a conversation about Laughter & Spirituality – Sinthanaigal Simplified

Sinthanaigal Simplified Colors Tamil
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COLORS Tamil brings a dose of laughter in the upcoming episode of Sinthanaigal Simplified, with popular actor-comedian Sathish engaging in a fascinating yet fun-filled conversation with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. To be aired on Sunday 4th October at 11:00 AM on Colors Tamil , the show promises to entertain as well as enthral you with this engaging chat full of humour. Here are three reasons why you should be excited about this episode of Sinthanaigal Simplified.

Laughter as a tonic

Laughter, as is well known, is often seen as the best medicine. Even Gurudev vouches for it with the added advantage that one can practice it whenever and how much ever one desires. This episode will see Sathish soliciting Gurudev’s view on the comedian’s ability to entertain viewers, despite himself leading a troublesome life, off-camera. Gurudev responds to this with his amazing insights, explaining the path taken up by many actors who themselves may be very serious in actual life, opting for comedy as their forte. He points out that many bring happiness to others’ lives intentionally and unintentionally.

Gurudev and Sathish
Gurudev and Sathish

The truth about Superstition: Sathish takes the chat to the next level by asking Gurudev to dwell on the superstitious beliefs held by people. Gurudev steers him through different instances, sharing his own engaging anecdotes, affirming that superstitions can differ from people to people, giving it a distinct relevance in each case.

Power of ESP

Next, Sathish shares his encounters with individuals who can foretell the future and wonders how they acquire these Extrasensory perceptions (ESP) that make them special. Gurudev explains and agrees that some are indeed born with such extra powers while a few obtain it through meditation and practice.

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