Shefali Shah on OTT Censorship, Sensitive thinking is everyone’s responsibility – Dish TV Smart+ Launch

You blame films for violence, but you don’t give the same credit when something good happens, Says Shefali Shah

Shefali Shah on OTT Censorship
Dish TV Smart+ Services

Actress Shefali Shah is renowned for her remarkable performances across TV, OTT, and film today launched Dish TV Smart+ services in Delhi. At the launch event, she shared her insights on OTT censorship and discussed how the integration of OTT and TV would impact both urban and rural areas.

Sharing her opinion, Shefali Shah expressed, “I’ve been asked this question several times… Does a film represent our society and vice versa, it is a fact. But you blame films for violence, are violence dikhaya toh XYZ violent ho gaye, but you don’t give the same credit when something good happens.

So, if the film has to affect everyone in a way, where they can change their thinking and being, then toh phir chahiye tha kya? Everyone would be taking only the good part of it. So, I genuinely believe, what you take out of something, creative stuff, genuinely depends on the person consuming it. Art is subjective, it’s a book, it’s a show, it’s a film, the way you will see it probably I will not see it in the same way. You might love it, I might hate it. I think it varies from person to person, network to network.”

Shefali Shah at Dish TV Smart+ Launch

She further added, “All that is happening here with Dish TV Smart+ services is that it is coming home, if you don’t want to watch certain content, you have the right to switch it off, when your kids are sitting with you. But like I said even before, there is a good and a bad. When you’re saying I’m giving you everything possible, you can’t put restrictions. And sensitive thinking is everyone’s responsibility from the creator to the networks to the platforms that are putting it out. So putting it on one person or just one thing is unrealistic.”

Dish TV Smart+

Service offers a comprehensive entertainment ecosystem with content, devices, and offers to ensure accessibility on ‘Any Screen, Anywhere’. On the work front, Shefali Shah was last seen in Three of Us on Netflix where she played the role of Shailaja Desai, and received acclaim for her performances.

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