Seethaiyin Raman Starting on Vijay TV 4th January 2016 at 7.00 P.M

Seethaiyin Raman on Vijay TV – Monday to Friday at 7.00 PM

Seethaiyin Raman
Seethaiyin Raman

Seethaiyin Raman The Biggest Show to Hit Tamil Audiences. After successfully creating history in South Indian television with Mahabharata, Vijay TV is back with a new epic saga -the historical series of Seethayin Raman. The series will showcase the love story of Ram and Sita, who were tested repeatedly by destiny. The main plot is taken from the epic Ramayana which is written by Valmiki. Ramayana has always been an intrinsic part of our culture and the story of Ram and Sita has influenced us in numerous ways.


However every version of this tale has given more importance to Rama and Sita hardly finds a mention in it. Vijay TV shows compelling stories featuring strong, empowered and inspirational women protagonists. The channel is bringing to its viewers a fresh perspective on Ramayana, Seethayin Raman where the story will be seen from Sita’s perspective.

Make sure you don’t miss a single episode of this great narrative, starting 04 January 2016, every Monday to Friday at 7 pm only on VIJAY TV’ you would enjoy it”. The marketing activity for the launch of ‘Seethayin Raman’ has been widened all over Tamilnadu.

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The show is sponsored by “Poorvika Mobiles Seethaiyin Raman powered by VBJ, Ramraj Dhoties & Shirts co-presented by Cardia Life Perfect Care, Prestige and Sakthi Stabilizer & Inverter”. Starting 04 January 2016, every Monday to Friday at 7 pm.

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