Reena Kapoor Cherishes The Lessons She Learned From Her Father As She Remembers Him On The Occasion Of Father’s Day

Aashao Ka Savera….Dheere Dheere Se Actress Reena Kapoor on the Occasion of Father’s Day

Reena Kapoor Father’s Day
Reena Kapoor Father’s Day

Star Bharat has always enthralled its viewers with its scintillating and exciting content. In this episode, Star Bharat’s ‘Aashao Ka Savera… Dheere Dheere Se’ is being well-liked by the audience. The show narrates the story of many women in the society, especially those who are widows. Actress Reena Kapoor, who plays the character of Bhavna in the show, is being well-liked. The actress, who is known for her disciplined nature in the industry, remembers her father on this Father’s Day and shares some special memories with her fans.

Talking about this Father’s Day, actress Reena Kapoor said, “My father is no longer in this world, so there is no preparation for this day, but yes, as long as he was with us, we would do something for him.” Used to do special things. All brothers and sisters were father’s tail in the house because wherever he used to go, we used to follow him like a tail.

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Recalling the lessons she learned from her father, Reena Kapoor further said, “Papa’s way of explaining things was very sweet and special. When I was in Delhi, I made new friends in college. We wanted to go to some disco, or sometimes go for a walk, my father started getting worried about how to explain to me the importance of being safe and how to handle such situations . So one day when I reached home at 1 am after hanging out with my friends, my father was waiting for me standing in the balcony and as soon as I came up, he said good night to me and went to sleep.

Aashao Ka Savera Dheere Dheere Se
धीरे धीरे से

I felt bad, then in the morning I asked him if he didn’t trust me then he said I have full trust in you dear but being a parent I’ll always be worried when you are with others . After that I started understanding things. My father was a perfect example of good parenting.Today when people in the industry say that I am very disciplined about my work, it is only because of my father.”

Very soon the audience is going to see something new in the current part of the show, where on one hand, Raghav is coming closer due to feelings, while on the other hand, Bhanu is eyeing their relationship and is planning something new, making the show more interesting. Many ups and downs will be seen.

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