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Raju , Iman Annachi , Deepa , Madurai Muthu – Raju Vootla Party Cast

Vijay TV Raju Vootla Party
ராஜு வூட்ல பார்ட்டி – விஜய் டிவி

Raju Vootla Party (RVP) is funny activity-based comedy talk show hosted by BB5 title winner Raju. The show will be launched on 24 July, Sunday at 09.30 pm. The show is all about the comical happenings in Raju’s party house.

RVP will be an interesting and engaging comedy show with celebrities as guests for the party. The party guarantees all sorts of fun like Music, Dance, Sketches, Impromptu funny Games & Tasks etc. The party has customized activities, tasks and celebrations based on the Guests / Theme etc.

Vijay TV Telecast Cooku with Comali Season 3 Grand finale Telecast on Sunday, 24th July at 03:00 P:M. Shrutika Arjun , Ammu Abhirami , Vidyullekha Raman , Darshan , Santhosh Prathap and Grace Karunas reached Finals of CWC Season 3.

Raju Vootla Party Disney Plus Hotstar
ராஜு வூட்ல பார்ட்டி


Raju hosts the party, invites guests and runs the party. He performs with guests; conducts the games; competes with guests.

Iman Annachi plays Raju’s father entertains the audience in Raju Vootla Party.

Bigg Boss Winner Raju
Bigg Boss Winner Raju

Deepa plays mother of Raju And her current aim is to find a nice prospective bride for Raju .

Madurai Muthu plays Raju’s uncle, and, in each episode, he plays different character to entertain the audience and guests in the party
Priyanka Deshpande plays Raju’s friend in the show, and she joins the party and engages with the guests .

Sunitha plays the neighbor of Raju and brings out to quirky side of the guests.

Shiva of Doctor fame plays the cook in Raju’s house and treats the guests with his cooking.

Hotstar Streaming

Popular personalities from small and big screen will be invited to the show which promises to be a very exciting show every Sunday. Each episode of Raju Vootla Party will have minimum 3 to 4 guests. The episode will start with a monologue from Raju followed by planning and preparation to the party. Then celebrity guests appear with interaction and activities planned for them. After that, the guests will be engaged with game of the week which promises to be very funny tasks planned for them. Show ends with a roast act for the audience.

The dynamics between all the people in the show and the guests will be the highlight of Raju Vootla Party. The launch episode of the RVP will have the famous Big Boss contestants Julie, Gabriella, Reshma, and Suresh Chakravarthy.

Cooku with Comali Season 3 Winner Name
குக் வித் கோமாளி சீசன் 3 வின்னர் யார் ?

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