Pyaar Ka The End – New Show On Bindass, Starting On 15th August 2014 at 7 P.M

bindass Unveils a Different side of love with Pyaar Ka The End

Pyaar Ka The End
Pyaar Ka The End

Love makes the world go around; but often reaches a crossroad that can change and even overpower a person at times. Sometimes, it brings out the best in a person, while many a time it may result in regrettable actions. bindass’ new show, Pyaar Ka The End will precisely capture this aspect of relationships. At the same time it will also create awareness on the importance of making the right choices during difficult phases of one’s love life to prevent any grave repercussions. Beginning, August 15, 2014, the show will take off with the story of a couple brought together by their common woes. They find love that has the power to change their worlds – but the question remains whether it’s heading in the right direction.

‘Pyaar ka the End’ begins with the story of Avinash, a shy boy who finds himself constantly being nagged by his family and friends over his weight issues. He is a lonely soul, until he meets Sunaina, a charming girl in his college, who is going through a similar ordeal. As expected, the two find solace in one another and soon cupid strikes. Everything seems to be well in paradise, but will things soon begin to go astray when Sunaina falls ill and is hospitalized. She ends up losing oodles of weight and thereafter becomes the centre of attraction in the college. Soon Sunaina’s attitude towards everything changes; she enjoys the spotlight and amidst this pleasant phase overlooks Avinash’s loneliness. To add to his grief Avinash will learn some more heart wrenching truths about Sunaina in turn making him to resort to steps that will change their lives forever.

Do not miss the premier of Pyaar Ka The End on 15th August, 2014 at 7 pm, exclusively on bindass

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