Pushpa Impossible Written Update Today – More Intriguing Twists In The Story

Will Pushpa be able to safeguard her family and counter Dilip Patel’s game plan in Pushpa Impossible ?

Pushpa Impossible Written Update
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Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible is the story of Pushpa, who with her cheery disposition, optimistic mindset, and unique approach toward life, has captured our hearts. Recently, in the show, the viewers witnessed a thrilling plot wherein Pushpa (Karuna Pandey) and Devi (Urvashi Dholakia) did everything they could to rescue their daughters from the evil hands of the kidnappers, पुष्पा इम्पॉसिबल लिखित अपडेट आज.

On the other hand, the mastermind behind the kidnapping, Dilip Patel (Jayesh More) who is also Pushpa’s ex-husband has begun plotting another evil plan against Pushpa, and uses his and Pushpa’s daughter, Raashi as a victim. While everyone has indulged in the festival of colors, he in disguise goes and meets Raashi to greet her.

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Pushpa Impossible Written

Everyone in the chawl is happy and celebrating Holi as with Devi’s help Pushpa, Raashi and Roshni were rescued from the kidnappers. Dilip on the other hand decides to use Raashi, his own daughter, as a pawn in his evil plan to take revenge against Pushpa.

Pushpa Impossible
Pushpa Impossiblee

Will Pushpa find out about Dilip’s evil plan?

Karuna Pandey, who plays the role of Pushpa Patel, said, “Pushpa as a character, never gives up no matter what situations life puts her in. Though Pushpa has just dealt with such a huge occurrence in her life, there is no stopping to the evil plans that her ex-husband is plotting against her. It will be interesting to see how Dilip’s plan unfolds and Pushpa is ready to tackle whatever comes in the way of her and her family.”

Stay tuned and watch Pushpa Impossible, Mon-Sat, 9:30 PM for more intriguing twists only on Sony SAB

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