Pushpa Impossible Serial Written Updates – Dilip continues to stir trouble in Pushpa’s life by breaking her haathchaal

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Pushpa Impossible Serial Today
पुष्पा इम्पॉसिबल सीरियल

Dilip continues to stir trouble in Pushpa’s life by breaking her haathchaal in Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible. Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible follows the journey of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey), a strong and independent woman who conquers all with her go-getter attitude and optimistic outlook on life. Being a single mother, Pushpa not only provides for her children but also follows her dreams.

Having faced many challenges including dealing with her conniving ex-husband (Jayesh More), Pushpa continues to look at a brighter tomorrow. whether it’s appearing for her board exams or earning a living for her family.

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The upcoming storyline in Pushpa Impossible revolves around Pushpa’s search for the person responsible for damaging her ‘haathchaal.’ Ever since Dilip re-entered Pushpa’s life, he has continued to cause chaos.

In an attempt to break Pushpa’s spirit, Dilip, fuelled by anger, intentionally destroys Pushpa’s beloved ‘haathchaal,’ fully aware of its significance in her life. Initially, Pushpa suspects her neighbour Bapodara, but after confronting him, she discovers that he is not the culprit, leaving her bewildered.

Pushpa Impossible - पुष्पा इम्पॉसिबल
पुष्पा इम्पॉसिबल

Meanwhile, Golu who had set up his camera to record some birds, accidentally captures Dilip in the act. Both Dilip and Pushpa are unaware of Golu’s video. Will Pushpa establish Dilip as the real culprit, or will he go scott free?

What will Pushpa’s reaction be after finding the truth?

Karuna Pandey

who plays the character of Pushpa, said, “Dilip has already broken her trust once and w hen he came back, Pushpa knew he would try again to cause trouble in her life. However, what Pushpa fails to anticipate is the extent to which Dilip will go to inflict pain on her.

With every action, Dilip is making Pushpa’s journey difficult but what he fails to gauge is Pushpa’s resilience and strength and she can take everything in her stride and move on towards the better. The breaking of this haathchaal will be a deep hit to Pushpa, knowing it was a gift from her father but, I’m sure she’ll come out shining.”

Stay tuned and watch Pushpa Impossible, Monday to Saturday 9:30 PM for more twists only on Sony SAB

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