Priyanka Upendra at Sada Nimmondige Show on Udaya TV This Week Episode at 9.00 P.M

Udaya TV Sada Nimmondige Priyanka Upendra Special Episode

Priyanka Upendra at Sada Nimmondige
Priyanka Upendra at Sada Nimmondige

In last week’s episode of Sadaa Nimmondhige Dolly fame Dhananjay raised fund to a fisherman Ravi by churning Moosambi Juice in the streets of N R Colony. In this coming week episode“The Bengali beauty Priyanka Upendra turned into a flower seller for a day to raise funds for Pushplatha whose youngest daughter is suffering from heart problem. Priynaka Upendra has proved that she can take up any role. And this time, she has turned florist. The actress was spotted selling flowers outside Gandhi Bazaar.

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Priyanka shows happy gesture on the show and she interact with her fans happily and took selfies with them. She sells flowers on the show and somehow she make her fans to buy flowers to collect maximum money in the shortest time possible. The actress said, The best part was that she got to meet a lot of wonderful people.

While the actress had a great time, we hear that security had to be upped for the shoot as Priynaka Upendra’ss fans were over-eager to purchase flowers from her, even at a high price. However, only a few of them got lucky, but the actress was more than happy with the money she earned.

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Don’st forget to watch how Priyanka helps the Pushpalatha to reach one step closer to their dreams on this Sunday at 9 Pm in your Udaya TV. Do tune into Udaya TV, Sadaa Nimmondige this week episode at 9 PM.

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