Porus tv serial sony entertainment television – launch date, star cast, story etc

sony entertainment television latest hindi serial porus

porus tv serial sony
porus tv serial sony

Porus, is the most expensive tv show and it’s coming soon on sony entertainment television. This historical tv show telling the story of king porus and his battle against alexander. Porus is also known as Poros was a king of the Pauravas. Lakshya Lalwani is playing the title role, Rohit Purohit playing the role of King Alexander. Popular artists are appearing in This historical tv series , will be a visual treat to the viewers. Launch date and telecast time not finalized yet, we can expect the dubbed version of porus tv serial in other indian languages.

Siddhartha Kumar Tewary is behind this tv series, Swastik Productions bringing big budget tv serial. Mahabharat, Suryaputra Karn, Shani etc are some of the creations from this team. The first look of Porus uploaded by sony tv few months back. It’s Set around 350 BC, a time in history when India was the richest nation in the world, it was called the Golden sparrow. Enamoured by our riches, Alexander, the biggest conqueror in the world set his eyes on us and it was Porus who stopped Alexander from entering India. This is the story of India’s first defender king Porus.

sony tv serial porus
sony tv serial porus

Reports say Porus serial total budget is 500 crore, there are total 260-episodes and show cost more than 1 crore for each episode. Sony liv app will stream all the latest episodes of sony tv serial porus. Stay tuned here for more updates about the show.

Cast and Crew of Porus TV Serial Sony TV

Laksh Lalwani – Porus (Title Role)
Rohit Purohit – King Alexander
Suhani Dhanki – Porus Love interest
Rati Pandey – Queen Anusuya, Porus Mother
Aditya Redij – King Bamni, Porus Father
Praneet Bhat – Darius
Mohit Abrol – Prince Hasti
Chirag Madhukant Jani – Dasyu King

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  1. I would like to ask Mr. Tewary in which historical account he read about Porus and King Bamani and their interaction with the Persian emperor Darius. On the internet and Wikipedia there is not even a mention of Porus as a historical figure. If this is a fictional story of interaction between them, that should be stated and announced on TV, otherwise it is an attempt to mislead and bias the viewers towards historical figures


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