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Pashminna Left Stranded in the Shikara Race in Sony SAB TV’s Pashminna – Dhaage Mohobbat Ke

Pashminna Dhaage Mohobbat Ke Serial Written Episodes
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Sony SAB’s recently launched show, ‘Pashminna Dhaage Mohobbat Ke‘ has captivated viewers with its intriguing storyline and the breathtaking backdrop of Kashmir. Pashminna Dhaage unfolds the destined love story of Pashminna and Raghav, portrayed by the talented Isha Sharma and Nishant Malkani.

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In recent episodes of Pashminna Dhaage Mohobbat Ke , as Pashminna and Raghav spend time together, a bond begins to form between them. Meanwhile, Pashminna and Preeti’s (Gauri Tejwani) face trouble with the houseboat motor, putting them in a tough spot as they don’t have the funds for the repair. In a bid to earn the required money, Pashminna decides to participate in a Shikara race.

Pashminna Dhaage Mohobbat Ke Episodes

In the upcoming episodes, Pashminna asks her friend Paras (Angad Hasija), to be her race partner, much to Raghav’s disappointment, who was also willing to help her. Pashminna, happy to have her friend by her side, arrives at the race, while Raghav decides to return to Mumbai.

In a shocking turn of events, Paras cancels at the last moment, leaving Pashminna to face the threat of disqualification from the race. Now, the intriguing twist lies in whether Paras will make a last-minute appearance or will Raghav step in to rescue her from this situation.

Ayushi Khurana In Aangan Apno Ka
Ayushi Khurana In Aangan Apno Ka

Who will be Pashminna’s Partner in the Shikara Race in Pashminna Dhaage Mohobbat Ke?

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Isha Sharma, who is playing the character of Pashminna Suri, said, “Lately, her character has been at a crossroads with her love life and to add to her problem is this new situation with the shikara motor. Which has so much importance for her and her mother.

And true to her resilient nature, Pashminna refuses to give up and finds a solution. This Shikara race will mark a defining moment in many ways, and I’m excited for viewers to see how this storyline unfolds. I love the way Pashminna’s love story is panning out and would want viewers to look forward to the upcoming episodes.”

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