Pashminna – Dhaage Mohobbat Ke Serial Launching on 25th October Airing Every Monday to Saturday at 7:30 PM – Sony SAB

Every Monday to Saturday at 07:30 PM – Pashminna – Dhaage Mohobbat Ke Serial Starts On 25th October

Pashminna - Dhaage Mohobbat Ke
पश्मीना – धागे मोहब्बत के

Sony SAB, renowned for its purpose-led storytelling with a focus on heartwarming content for the entire family, embarks on an exciting journey with the debut of its latest show, Pashminna – Dhaage Mohobbat Ke.

This captivating series promises to enthrall audiences with its unique plot, set against the picturesque backdrop of Kashmir, unfolding a classic love story between two individuals from diverse walks of life.

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Pashminna – Dhaage Mohobbat Ke

Showcases Pashminna as a lively girl with an undying spirit as she aspires to craft her own love story. The show presents a fresh and compelling perspective on love, delving into the complexities of relationships amidst the enchanting landscapes of Kashmir.

The narrative of Pashmina revolves around the Suris and Kauls, featuring Isha Sharma as Pashminna Suri, Gauri Pradhan as Preeti Suri, and Nishant Malkani as Raghav Kaul, among others in Pashminna – Dhaage Mohobbat Ke.


At the heart of this captivating story is Pashminna, a girl from Kashmir, who is brimming with love, enthusiasm, and positivity. She helps her mother rent her houseboat to tourists visiting Kashmir.

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Pashminna’s life takes an exciting turn when she crosses paths with Raghav, a successful businessman from Mumbai with contrasting beliefs about love, setting the stage for a clash of ideologies. Pashminna boasts of an exceptional star cast featuring Hiten Tejwani as Avinash, Raghav’s mentor and a person with a past in Kashmir and Angad Hasija as Paras, Pashminna’s friend, which further adds to this unmissable television experience.

As the episodes unfold, the audience will witness a large-screen cinematic experience brought to the television that will keep them hooked to their screens.

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