Pacman and The Ghostly Adventures On Discovery Kids

Pacman and The Ghostly Adventures Premieres on 20 December – Every Day at 4.00 PM

Pacman and The Ghostly Adventures
Pacman and The Ghostly Adventures

Discovery Kids brings the world famous Pac-man franchise to the Indian television screen with its new series PAC-MAN AND THE GHOSTLY ADVENTURES. With multiple manifestations from video games to animation hero on television, Pac-man became a legendary character and won millions of hearts across the world in the last three decades. The 26 episode series premieres on December 20 and will air every day at 4 PM on Discovery Kids.

Pacman and The Ghostly Adventures will immerse children in an incredible world of adventure as Pac-man, an arcade icon is on a mission to save his homeland from the evils of the ghost Betrayus. Pac-man and his loyal crew will prove their bravery as they fight for goodness and peace. Presented through remarkable animation, Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures is set to catch the imagination of kids with interesting elements of suspense and adventure.

In the series, Pac-man along with his closest pals wants to make the world a better place but he happens to make a crazy mistake by accidentally opening the portal to the Netherworld and unleashing an army of ghosts led by Lord Betrayus.

With the help of the power berries from the ancient Tree Of Life, Pac-man fights with the army of ghosts but unfortunately, the army manages to steal the tree which might lead to end of the PacWorld. Will Pac-man be able to defeat the army of ghosts? Will he be able to bring the change and save his fellow, PacWorlders?

characters in Pacman and The Ghostly Adventures

Pac-man: He is a young, Pac-Worlder who likes to gobble up every piece of food he sees. He acts immature sometimes, but always gets the job done. Pac is the only Pac-Worlder who has the ability to scare and consume ghosts.

Betrayus is the ghost in the series. He’s a selfish, impatient ruler of the Netherworld.

Cylindria is Pac-man’s classmate. Cylindria is a pink, gothic Pac-Worlder who supports Pac all the way.

Spiral is Pac-man’s roommate. Spiral has been best friends with Pac and always stays by his side playing games with him.

Sir Cumference is an old scientist who has been in his secret lab for ages. He is a green Pac-Worlder and he also provides Pac-World with a variety of ghostbusting weapons to help combat the ghostly menace.

President Spheros is the president of Pac-World and coach of Pac-Pong in Spheria’s flashback. He is Betrayus’ brother and a green Pac-Worlder.

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