Paathi Kadhal Paathi Drogam (Aadha Ishq in Hindi) on Colors Tamil from 25th January at 9:00 PM

Five things to look out for in an interesting cocktail of romance filled with deceit and betrayal – Paathi Kadhal Paathi Drogam

Paathi Kadhal Paathi Drogam
Paathi Kadhal Paathi Drogam

The 9-episode show Starring Aamna Sharif, Pratibha Ranta and Gaurav Arora is an intriguing romance when the mother and her daughter fall in love with the same person. With Colors Tamil airing the web-series Paathi Kadhal Paathi Drogam (Aadha Ishq in Hindi), this romantic drama of romance, passion and love with complex layers told through the perspectives of three protagonists. There are many interesting elements in this complex romantic drama which makes it a must watch for the viewers of Colors Tamil.

Paathi Kadhal Paathi Drogam

1. Brilliant writing: The hypnotic quality of the web-series has brilliant writing which makes it an engaging watch for the viewers filled with both sides of stories ivolving mother and daughter

2. Characters with different shades: How and what the mother and daughter are driven to fall in love with same man brings about some notable nuances of how romance is perceived and felt when it comes to falling in love by different age groups

3. Impressive Technical work : The mood of the entire web-series is woven with a very different and a shady mood where the suspense keeps the viewers on various balancing acts essayed by the protagonist

4. Interesting Climax : The climax is all set to really throw some surprises when the narration finally comes to an interesting point when both the mother-daughter get to know about each other’s affairs

5. Romance and Mystery : The narration has a good dose of charming romance and mystery which can definitely entertain the viewers with its intriguing tale on intimate relationships and betrayal

VOOT original series dubbed in Tamil
VOOT original series dubbed in Tamil

Web Series on Colors Tamil

All of this and more are packaged into Color Tamil’s upcoming telecast of web-series set to air on 25th January 2023, Wednesday from 9:00 PM onwards. The web-series is definitely going to provide an interesting and engaging package of what next kind of feel for the viewers.

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