Ninaika therintha maname vijay tv serial airing every monday to friday at 10.00 P.M

story of Ninaika therintha maname vijay tv serial this week

With lot of twists and turn comes this week episode of Ninaika therintha maname. So, don’t miss it!. Ninaika therintha maname is drama which has been launched recently, it is being aired every, Monday to Friday at 10.00 pm.The story revolves around the girl Deepa who lost her memory in a tragic accident.

Deepa lives an ideal married life with Arvind, surrounded by his loving traditional family, who are well off, warm, easy going and a definition of a happy family. Deepa feels happy, adored and cherished but she suffers from amnesia and has no recollection of her past. Beyond this, there is something that keeps haunting her. She has intermittent unexplainable flashes from her past, of which she has no recollection but otherwise leading a happy perfect life which she cherishes with family she likes and loves.

Cast and Crew

Ninaika therintha maname vijay tv serial story
Ninaika therintha maname vijay tv serial story

Currently in the story, the past family of Deepa gets to meet her. They get shocked and claim that Deepa belongs to their family. Now, Arvind’s family will not agree to it, but will Arvind reveal the truth? From Deepa’s perspective, will she able to digest the fact and leave the house. What is the truth behind Deepa, what will happen to her marriage life with Arvind? .

popular tamil television artists appearing in the start cast of this serial, Actor Ashwin plays the male lead as Arvind, he is very popular through Rettai val kuruvi. Aishwarya is playing the female lead role, this is her debut serial. Uma Riaz and other popular artists doing supporting characters will be playing a pivotal roles in this fiction.

Ninaika therintha maname online episode at hotstar app
online episode at hotstar app

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