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Udaya TV Bringing Nandini Season 2 to Kannada Television Viewers

Udaya TV Serial Nandini Season 2
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Nandini, Udaya TV’s pride fiction show, has succeeded in capturing the viewer’s attention by its bright story line, fast paced unique screenplay and right casting. The war between the evil Namboodiri and the innocent ganga has led to the devastation of the latter. But evil can never suppress the good for a long time. Now Janani, the daughter of ganga has taken birth to finish the evil forever.

In Nandini 2, the demise of one evil namboodiri led to the rise of a greater evil, AShtavakra. He is the son of the wicked Nambudari. He arises to full fill his father’s wish of acquiring the power over the Universe by getting the mighty powerful kaalachakras and the magical nagamani.

Nitya Ram ad Kavya Shastri
Nitya Ram ad Kavya Shastri

Ganga’s family gets shattered as Ashtavakra hails attacks on them. Everyone dies and only the daughter Devasena survives. Devasena grows up and realizes that Ganga died after giving birth to a baby girl, Janani. Janani is brought up by a guru in a traditional Gurukul which is completely hidden from the modern world. Devasena, accidentally discovers Janani and brings her home in the city.

Cast and Crew of Nandini Season 2

Nandini Season 2 Udaya TV
ನಂದಿನಿ ಸೀರಿಯಲ್ ಸೀಸನ್ ೨

Janani who finds it difficult in coping with urban life gets into a series of troubles which are sometimes funny. In this journey, without her knowledge she gains friends and enemies as well. Will she get updated herself? Will she realize Ashtavakra’s motive and fight back? Who will win over her heart? All these are the highlights of the story. Nitya Ram, who was popular as Ganga, is once again playing the daughter Janani’s role. Kavya Shastri, the popular actor and television anchor plays the role of Devasena in Nandini Season 2.

To give this fiction a new force, Mr. Ramesh Aravind, the popular cine artist has taken the responsibility of producing the show. Through his ‘Vandana Media Creations’, Mr. Ramesh has become a television producer for the first time. He shared his thoughts on the same. ‘For the first time, I have taken up a television production responsibility and I am excited to start from the fiction show Nandini. I have really liked Nandini Season 2 from the beginning.

Nandini Season 2 Online Episodes at Sun NXT App
Nandini Season 2 Online Episodes at Sun NXT App

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The fantasy story plots, unique characters and imagery had caught my attention. I am taking up this larger than life fantasy story which I am sure will get viewer’s attention too. I am equally confident about the technical crew which is supporting me in this venture. Popular television director Nitin has been roped in to direct this fiction show. Ravi Joshi is the executive producer. I whole heartedly thank Udaya TV for giving me such an exciting opportunity. I promise that the viewers will have a magical visual treat in Nandini Season 2.

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