Nagso Challenge Udaya Comedy New Show Launching on 1st February at 9.00 P.M

telecast time of udaya comedy latest program nagso challenge is saturday and sunday at 9.00 p.m

Karnataka’s one and only, exclusive comedy channel , Udaya Comedy is coming up with a new show called Nagso Challenge.Even before going on air, the show has created a lot of buzz in the industry, among artists and viewers as well. It so happened due to the unique nature of the show which is an open platform for everybody alike, irrespective of them being a popular performer or not.

Nagso Challenge Program in Udaya Comedy
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It’s every performer’s wish to always successfully reach out to the viewers and get the desired emotional response from them in return. It might be difficult to make others cry, but it’s even more tough to make the same set of people laugh, that’s the very reason why comedy is considered as a very difficult genre.

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But every person would undoubtedly have a funny side to him/her, some openly present it to all, whereas some show it only to few near and dear ones. What this new, much anticipated show of Udaya Comedy – Nagso Challenge does is, providing a very special platform for the people to showcase their humorous side to the whole of Karnataka.

Auditions were conducted to pick the best of talents. Large number of people gave the auditions and the finest of the lot were selected to take part in the show. Nagso Challenge indeed has a very diverse ensemble of artists who would be giving unique comedy performances like mimicry acts, stand-up comedy, funny dances, singing and so much more.

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The show has popular personalities and celebrities from the kannada entertainment industry like Kirik Kirthi, Sparsha Rekha and Pavan judging the performances. Their expert advice would definitely be cherished by all the budding and seasoned comedy performers of the show. Script writer Mallikarjun’s beautiful words have been magically delivered by the charming anchor of the show Taneesha.

When it comes to genre comedy, women are often seen taking a step back. That’s the reason why women comedy performers are quite less compared to their counterparts. But the Nagso Challenge has failed not to bring in women participants to the show as well. Three performances of very unique kind have been lined up in the show and to enjoy their acts, as well as all the other stellar performances, all you need to do is, stay tuned to Udaya Comedy.

The show begins from February 1st and will be telecasted every Sat and Sun at 9 pm.

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