Nagapanchami Festival Special Episodes of Udaya TV Serial Nandhini

Nandini Serial Nagapanchami Festival Special – Monday to Friday at 8.30 PM

Udaya channel’s pride show ‘Nandini’ is increasingly gaining popularity through its unique storyline and outstanding computer graphics which is not to be seen in any Kannada fiction shows currently. It also has popular artistes like Nitya Ram, Vinay Gowda, Srinivas Prabhu, Ravi Bhat, Jayashree, Rashmi and Anu Poovamma who are delivering powerful performances to enthrall the TV audience.

Udaya TV Latest Serials
Udaya TV Latest Serials
  • Sandalwood star Ramesh Arvind is the producer who has built a strong technical team which is producing this highly engaging content every day.

Udaya TV Nagapanchami

Now, Nandini episodes are coming with even more intense and engaging content during the Nagapanchami festival. Our culture and religious beliefs have had a strong connection with animals, especially snakes. A snake is said to be closely associated with lord Shiva himself. Naagadevathas are worshipped as Demigods in the Indian tradition. A special day is dedicated to the worship of these nagadevathas as Nagapanchami. This year, Nagapanchami is grandly celebrated in Nandini from 5th of August, Nagapanchami day. For these special episodes, a large Naga idol is set up in an ancient Magadi temple. All the artistes have gathered for the celebration to be a part of an intense drama in the story.

Udaya TV Nandini Serial

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Sharabha, a beautiful vampire who aims to possess Nagamani, disguises as Janani, the protagonist. In Janani’s disguise she gets engaged to Dr. Ram who is also eying on Nagamani. Shocked and perplexed to learn about her engagement in her absence, the real Janani who is in love with Virat is now in a fix! Will Janani be able to solve this puzzle is the key drama of Nagapanchami episodes. On the other side, the evil Namboodari arranges for a Sarpa yaaga through which he wants to kill all the snakes existing. Through this, he plans to kill the half snake – half human Janani, who is a big hurdle in his path of attaining Nagamani.

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Udaya TV Latest Serial

To add to this drama, Namboodari gives the much awaited human form to Devasena, Janani’s sister, who has been transformed to a parrot by Namboodari’s son Ashtaavakra. But Namboodari intends to use Devasena and kill Janani through the sarpa yaaga. With an edge of the seat drama in each episode, Nagapanchami special episodes of Nandini are coming before you from the 5th of August. Don’t miss to watch Nandini from Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM on Udaya TV.

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