Naduvan Movie World Television Premiere on Colors Tamil – 13th February at 07:00 PM

Colors Tamil WTP Movie – Naduvan

Naduvan Movie Colors Tamil

Colors Tamil presents the World Television Premiere of Naduvan, an action thriller that explores love, fear, betrayal, and revenge in a gripping narrative. Tune in to Colors Tamil, this Sunday, 13th February at 7 PM to witness a film that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Cast and Crew

Naduvan marks Sharran Kumar’s first feature film as a director. Starring South India’s heartthrob Bharath and Aparna Vinod in the lead, it also has Gokul Anand and Aruvi Bala playing key roles.The plot revolves around Karthik (played by Actor Bharath), the owner of a tea factory in Kodaikanal. He prioritizes work over his wife Madhu (played by Aparna Vinod), leaving her often disappointed with her married life.

Premier Movie Naduvan
Movie Naduvan

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Guru (played by Aruvi Bala), a fresh recruit in the factory, witnesses Madhu having an illicit affair with Shiva (played by Gokul Anand) while running an errand for Karthik. Does Karthik discover his wife’s betrayal or does the story take some other sinister turn? Watch the film to see how the story unfolds.

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