Malai Murasu TV, Tamil News Channel Added on Videocon D2h Service at Number 571

Videocon D2H Added Malai Murasu TV

Malai Murasu TV Logo
Malai Murasu TV Logo

Leading indian dth service, videocon d2h added malai murasu tv at channel number 571. Now d2h offering more than 40 tamil channels and services (including hd channels). Videocon d2h carrying all popular tamil channels, we have once updated the channel list. you can check the complete list of tamil channels available at videocon d2h service from here. Tamil home channel number is 550 and Sun tv placed at 551. Vijay tv added at 553 and Kalaignar TV at 555 are the other tamil channels. Jaya TV at 557 and Zee Tamil at 559 also available through d2h service.

FTA Tamil News

Malai Murasu TV can be watch through popular indian dth service, d2h. we have no info available about this channel programs, schedule etc. we can’t find the official website of this tamil tv channel. This tamil fta channel is also getting through intelsat 17 at 66.00 east. we have once updated the tamil free to air channels list.

Tamil FTA News Channels
Free to Air Tamil Language News Channels
Channel Name Number
Star Sports Tamil 521
7S Music 522
Lotus News 523
Puthuyugam TV 524
Tamil Home Channel 541
Sun TV 542
Vijay TV 543
naaptol Tamil (NT2) 544
Kalaignar TV 545
Jaya TV 546
Zee Tamil 547
Viajy Super 548
Thanthi TV 549
Polimer TV 550
Siripoli TV 551
Vasanth TV 552
Colors Tamil 553
Raj TV 554
Muras 555
Malai Murasu Seithigal 556
Captain TV 557
MK TV 558
Peppers TV 559
Vendhar TV 560
Super TV 561
Mega 24 562
DD Podhigai 563
Sun Life 564
Tamilan TV 565
KTV 566
Adithya TV 567
J Movie 568
Raj Digital Plus 569
Raj News 570
Sun Music 571
Isai Aruvi 572
Jaya Max 573
Raj Musix 574
Mega Musiq 575
MK Tunes 576
Cauvery News 577
Nambikkai TV 578
Sun News 579
Mega TV 580
News 7 Tamil 581
Puthiya Thalamurai 582
Polimer News 583
Jaya Plus 584
Seithigal 585
Makkal TV 586
Sathiyam TV 587
Win News 588
News18 Tamilnadu 589
Velicham TV 590
Captain News 591
Imayam TV 592
Sahana TV 593
Discovery Channel Tamil 594
Chutti TV 595
MK Six 596
Angel TV 597
Sai TV 598
Madha 599
SVBC2 600
Thirai Ulagam 601

Tamil HD Channels on Videocon D2H DTH Service

Sun TV HD 980
Vijay TV HD 981
KTV HD 982
Sun Music HD 983

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