Kudumbasree Sharada Serial Launch Date – 11th April at 07:00 PM

Story of Women’s Empowerment – Kudumbasree Sharada in Zee Keralam

Kudumbasree Sharada Serial
കുടുംബശ്രീ ശാരദ – ഏപ്രിൽ 11 മുതൽ എല്ലാ ദിവസവും രാത്രി 7 മണിക്ക് സീ കേരളം ചാനലിൽ

Zee Keralam, the favorite channel of the Malayalee television audience, is winning the hearts of the people with its innovative television series. The channel has now released a different promo video of the latest series Kudumbasree Sharada on this triumphant journey that proves different ways of entertainment. We Have reported that it’s the Official Remake of Radhamma Kuthuru (Zee Telugu) and Puttakkana Makkalu On Zee Kannada Channel.

Meenakshi Ponnunga ( மீனாட்சி பொண்ணுங்க ) is the Tamil Version of Radhamma Kuthuru , Launched on 1st August at 09:00 PM on Zee Tamil Channel. Archana, Gayatri Yuvaraj, Deepa, Mokshitha Pai , Aryan , Pranika Dhakshu Are in the Star Cast of Meenakshi Ponnunga.

Sreelakshmi as Sharada
ശ്രീലക്ഷ്മി – ശാരദ

Dr. S. Janardhanan, who has presented many hit serials in the history of Malayalam mini-screen, is sure to bring to the audience a brilliant performance by a group of talented artists. Sreelakshmi ( Sharada ) , Mersheena Neenu ( Shalini ) , Devika ( Sharika ) , Sreelakshmi ( Shyama ) , Prabhin ( Vishnu) are in the Star Cast of Serial Kudumbasree Sarada.

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Bhagyalakshmi Serial


As the name suggests in Kudumbasree Sharada, which tells a strong feminist story, the story revolves around the central character, Sharada, but in a parallel way, the usual serial genres of love, hate and survival are adopted. Sharda is played by Popular Actor Sreelakshmi. The actor, who has made his mark on the big screen and mini screen, is also a state award winner. The Zee Keralam channel reaffirms that Sarada and her three daughters Sharika, Shalini and Syama fully support the idea of ​​”female empowerment” which points to male domination while synonymous with femininity.

Mersheena Neenu as Shalini
നീനു – ശാലിനി

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Sharada and her family, who see life as a life of struggle, turn their challenges into better opportunities and earn their living by running a hotel called “Kudumbasree”. In a recent promo video, a woman named Sharada, who was abandoned by her husband, explains that she raised her children without any shortcomings.Shalini will play the lead role in the serial. Prabhin, who played the lead role in the recently concluded hit serial Chembarathi on Zee Kerala channel, will play the lead role in the series.

Kudumbasree Sharada, a powerful story of warm love and survival of mother and children, can be seen on zee Kerala Channel every day from 11th April at 07:00 PM.

Prabhin as Vishnu
പ്രബിൻ – വിഷ്ണു

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