Kaveri Mega Episode 19th June at 7:00 P.M Only On Udaya TV

Udaya TV Presents Kaveri Mega Episode

Kaveri Mega Episode
Kaveri Mega Episode

Pooja is organised at Amulya’s house and kaveri and Santhosh’s family is invited while Amulya will be getting back to back calls and she would be going out of the house to talk while doing this she does not return and everybody panics and searches for her. In sometime the family gets a call from Amulya’s number and they’ll inform that she has been kidnapped and 5 lakhs has to be sent through kaveri to the mentioned spot.

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Kaveri is going to get Amulya with the money and a family member secretly follows her and will fight with the kidnappers and bring back amulya and the Pooja continues. Flash back scenes: Amulya nd her boyfriend has planned this to get money and kaveri sees Amulya talking to her boyfriend where he is kidnapper. Will kaveri get to know the truth behind the kidnap?

Kasthuri nivasa online episodes
Kasthuri nivasa online episodes

Udaya TV Mahasanchike Maha Vaara From 18th June, Package of entertainment is coming your way this month of June from Udaya TV. Giving the promising shows udaya tv is coming up Mega Episodes for a week from this 18th of June. Jo Jo Laali, Kaveri, Nandini, Jeevanadi & Manasa Sarovara will be Telecasting Mega Episodes accordingly.

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