Kanne Kalaimaane Vijay TV Serial Launching on 10th October at 01:30 PM

Every Monday to Friday at 01:30 PM – New Serial Kanne Kalaimaane

Kanne Kalaimaane Tamil Serial
Vijay TV Serial Time

Star Vijay has always been a pioneer in making creative content be it a fiction or a non-fiction format. It is a known fact that the channel has given ample number of reality and unique game shows in the past which were the most favorite peoples’ choice of shows. Launching new fiction Kanne Kalaimaane at Afternoon slot from 10th October, at 01:30 PM

In the past few years the channel has impressed the audience with its strong story-line in the fiction format and has proved that it can shine over the genre of fiction with attractive family dramas and love stories told in an inimitable way.

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  • Kanne Kalaimane (Kanne Kalaimaane) Serial Timing From 04 December is 04:00 PM, Kizhakku Vasal Showing at 01:00 PM Star Vijay TV Serials Time Change

Kanne Kalaimaane Star Cast

The casting includes Pavithra (as Bhanumathi), Nanda (as Ram), Samyuktha (as Thamizh), Rashmi (as Madhuri).

Similarly after producing prominent serials in the prime-time band and making it a huge success the channel has focused on premiering new and fresh line-up of fictions in the afternoon band as well. From then on there was not a moment of set-back for the channel as the afternoon-bacd serials proved to be a most successful ones amongs women audience,

Now adding a feather to the cap Star Vijay launches yet another beautiful love cum family drama titled ‘Kanne Kalaimaaney’ in the afternoon time-band, airing Monday to Friday at 1.30 pm from 10th October 2022.

Story of Kanne Kalaimaane

Banumathi a visually challenged young mom lives with her eight year old daughter Thamizh with her brother’s family. Bhanumathi and her daughter are being ill-treated by her sister-in-law. Ram the lead character, who was supposed to have married Bhanumathi meet with an accident that happens before their marriage while Bhanumathi

was expecting a baby.

However he survives but loses his memory. He becomes a famous actor with the help of an affluent couple who gets him married to their daughter Madhuri. Ram and Madhuri are married and have daughter as well.

Circumstances arise where the blind young mom Bhanumathi and her little daughter Thamizh moves out to the city where Ram lives. Thamizh not knowing that the great actor Ram is her father is a big fan of him. How Bhanumathi recognizes Ram despite her blindness and will Ram get back his memory to know his past and what will happen to the deprived daughter Thamizh, what will happen if Madhuri comes to know all the truth forms an interesting story.

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