January Month Movie Specials on Sony Max – Malang , Marjaavan etc

Stay entertained as Sony MAX captures various moods of Bollywood this January

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Bollywood has a film for every mood, every season. Whether you are recovering from a recent breakup or enjoying a beautiful new romance, there is a movie you can probably find your own story reflected in. Sony MAX brings back to back hand-picked blockbusters from the entertaining list of Bollywood movies, just for its discerning viewers. Catch the latest entertainment if you haven’t already and satisfy the movie buff within you.

Marjaavan on 20th January at 12 PM

Vishnu is jealous of Raghu, who works for a don, and is considered his favourite stooge. So, he decides to plot against Raghu, to cause his downfall. Inspired by the 80s and 90s era, Siddharth Malhotra does full justice to this angry-young man’s role. Ritesh Deshmukh as the antagonist will leave you with goosebumps and the amazing soundtrack is just the cherry on the top, as it complements the plotting beautifully. Marjaavan is a heart-wrenching love story of Raghu, and Zoya.

Malang on 20th January at 9 PM

Shot in Goa, Malang is a movie that highlights the place’s beauty and appeases the eye. Advait meets Sara in Goa during a visit, thus reinforcing his belief in the notion, ‘opposites attract’ because of how different she is from him. Soon, circumstances change for the worse and Advait finds himself on a mission alongside cops, Aghase and Michael. The twists in the movie keep you engaged and the action sequences are commendable.

Street Dancer 3D on 27th January at 12 PM

Dance battles are always fun to watch, but behind-the-scenes can be very intense. The constant training and the pressure can get a little tricky to deal with. What makes it worse is a rivalry between two competing groups – Street Dancers, and Rule Breakers in this case. But some mysterious circumstances force them to lay their rivalry to bed and come together. What could they be?

Sony MAX
Sony MAX
Pagalpanti on 30th January at 12 P.M

As the name suggests, this movie is full of Pagalpanti! It’s sure to take you for a fun ride, whether it’s with the car-chasing scenes or even a small glimpse of a haunted mansion, it’s sure to leave you in splits as you follow the lives of three men who have always been deemed losers by society. Soon, they decide that they want to earn easy money and the way to do it is to con two gangsters by stealing their money. So along with their respective girlfriends, they hatch a plan to accomplish the same. What ensues is an unstoppable wave of hilarity and absurdity, from start to finish.

Pati, Patni, aur Woh – 31st January at 8 PM

Trouble ensues in paradise when a married man, Chintu Tyagi develops soft corner for a young fashion designer Tapasya, professionally. This results in him becoming infatuated with Tapasya, and soon, starts lying to Vedika, his wife, to cover his tracks. Will Chintu be able to go through with it keeping both, Vedika and Tapasya in oblivion?.

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