Jagadhatri Serial Zee Telugu – A Story of Courage, Inspiration, and Bravery Screens from 21st August, Every Monday to Saturday at 07.30 PM

Deepthi Manne, Darsh Chandrappa, Preethi Srinivas – Star Cast of Zee Telugu Serial Jagadhatri

Jagadhatri Serial Zee Telugu
ಜಗಧಾತ್ರಿ – ಆಗಸ್ಟ್ 21 ರಿಂದ ಜೀ ತೆಲುಗು ವಾಹಿನಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ಧಾರಾವಾಹಿ ಸೋಮವಾರದಿಂದ ಶನಿವಾರದವರೆಗೆ ಸಂಜೆ 7:3೦ ಕ್ಕೆ ಪ್ರಾರಂಭವಾಗಲಿದೆ

Zee Telugu has consistently strived to present its audience with original and innovative tales that both, inspire and delight them. Coming up with fascinating new tales on a regular basis, the channel has always upped the bar in the Telugu TV industry, and it is prepared to do so once more! In the coming week, Zee Telugu will premiere a new show titled Jagadhatri, which has a thrilling storyline and promises to keep the audience hooked with a great blend of mystery and personal hardships. With the promos already creating a lot of buzz, people are eager to watch Jagadhatri as it premieres on 21st August and airs every Monday – Saturday at 7.30 pm, only on Zee Telugu!


The exciting new show will revolve around the titular character of Jagadhatri (played by Deepthi Manne), who is a modest yet remarkable woman. Like Goddess Jagadhatri, she is a powerful individual, who is demure yet fiery, when she needs to be. Being the elder daughter of the house, she also runs a deaf and dumb school and dedicates her life to these kids as she is a kind soul who oozes confidence. However, her stepmother and stepsister Nishka often take advantage of this niceness. But thankfully, Jagadhatri’s grandmother and her father, are always there to support her.

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జగద్ధాత్రి’ సరికొత్త ధారావాహిక ఆగష్టు 21 నుండి ప్రారంభం సోమ – శని రా|| 7.30 గం|| లకు మన జీ తెలుగులో..

What’s more is that unknown to her family, Jagadhatri is also an undercover Intelligence officer, who specializes in solving major criminal cases and is on a life mission to bring to light her mother’s innocence. Apart from her grandmother and father, Jagadhatri is also supported by a special person, fellow secret agent and childhood friend – Kedar (played by Darsh Chandrappa). Will love blossom between the two? And will Jagadhatri be able to bring to light her mother’s innocence?

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The plot only becomes more interesting from here, with action, family dramas, and unexpected developments that enhance the primary storyline even more. The show’s gripping yet relatable narrative and strong female lead will surely captivate a broad and diverse audience, transcending boundaries and leaving a lasting impact.


Television star Preethi Srinivas is also playing a key role in the show. For the first time ever, fight masters Ram – Lakshman duo has composed fights for a television fiction show. Jagadhatri Anthem was recently released on the social media the music was composed by Kamran and Singer – Lakshmi Meghana. The anthem has created sensation on social media, received a lot of applause and created so much buzz.

In order to present the grandness of the show as well as build a relatability factor, Jagadhatri press conference was conducted on 17th August in Hyderabad, where the entire cast and crew of the show were present. During the gathering, the main leads spoke about their upcoming show to the media and brought alive their characters as well.

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