Bharati Achrekar aka Radhika Wagle About Wagle Ki Duniya – Sony Sab Show

Wagle Ki Duniya has always been about values and it will never change – Bharati Achrekar

Sony Sab TV launching latest show Wagle Ki Duniya- Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey from 8th February at 9 PM, Airing Every Monday-Friday. Bharati Achrekar Doing the role of Radhika Wagle , She is talking about the show.

Bharati Achrekar as Radhika Wagle
Bharati Achrekar as Radhika Wagle

Q – How does it feel to be back with Wagle Ki Duniya this time on Sony SAB?

I am thrilled because it has been 33 years now since the show was first telecasted in 1988. We were satisfied that the show had a wonderful run and nobody wanted to risk RK Laxman’s writing anymore. But I was pleasantly surprised when JD Majethia approached me with his idea and story for the new Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey. I was excited because I had already seen his work and I was convinced with the quality of shows he has created so far. I knew he would be able to do a great job with Wagle Ki Duniya.

Q – What made you accept the show? Did you have any apprehensions?

I didn’t have any apprehension about accepting the show. I was on a vacation in Alibaug and that’s when Sumeet called me to connect with JD. I had never met him or Aatish (Kapadia) but I have loved their well-crafted work and appreciated it because I used to like their way of thinking and presenting stories in front of the audience. So, there was no way that I would have declined the opportunity to be a part of this show because I was a fan of their work. So, it was very easy for me to accept it.

Q – What can the viewers expect from this Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey?

Some relationships and bonds do not change. So, there will be the same chemistry between me and Aanjjan which people loved. The only thing that is different now is that we have grown up and now it is 40 years of our marriage in the show, which obviously makes a difference. I think the audience will accept the grown up Wagles too because their problems are different in this era, I think as long as we are having the same kind of chemistry, people will love, enjoy and relate to it.

Q- Please share something about your character Radhika Wagle. What elements will this character have?

The chemistry and values will be same but there will be a little bit more nok jhok between the husband and wife. So, the character will not change drastically but viewers can experience a bit of change in the tone and conduct of the senior Wagles. I can assure that there will be no change of values, either in the senior or the Jr Wagle and his family. The important aspect of this newer version is that the three generations have grown. It is not going to be so much of change for the audience as they would be facing the same issues with their children and will be able to relate to it.

Q The story will now depict the issues of today’s common man, how much do you think has changed since Wagle Ki Duniya first aired till now?

Sony Sab Wagle Ki Duniya
Sony Sab Latest Show

Everything has changed now with the passage of years. The most basic thing that have changed is that from one channel we have witnessed the journey of having 100 channels now, the internet revolution has happened, shows with western influence are also coming up. So, I would say every single day to day activity for a common man has changed, they prefer to spend time with the family, travel together and believe in savings too which clearly reflects that ample situations and issues that have now changed.

Q – Wagle Ki Duniya will now feature three generations of the family. What your thoughts on the importance of joint family are in today’s time?

I will not generalize this for today’s time but because of this pandemic people have come together a lot and realized the importance of communication which was a gap for the previous generations for a long time. The number of nuclear family have grown but people are realizing that other than friends a family is also an integral part. So, I think people will slowly accept having joint families again.

Q – How has the experience been shooting for the show with the entire cast and crew?

We recently started shooting with the entire cast but the camaraderie between Aanjjan and I have remained the same. Also, I have known Sumeet from before, Pariva, who is playing my daughter-in-law in the show, is also a very sweet and a soft spoken girl. I have been enjoying a lot on the sets. The entire unit is like a family and I am enjoying working with them.

Q – Any message for your viewers or fans?

I will just ask the viewers to not accept the same from this Wagle Ki Duniya, because this is a story of today’s generation. That era has gone for good and in reality too, it is not going to come back so I just wish that they enjoy it the way we are presenting it this time- with new problems and how we survive and cope up the situations and challenges of today’s common man and his family.

Bharati Achrekar Interview
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