Filmykaant Sony MAX – world’s first-ever artificial intelligence (AI) Chat Bot

Top television actors share how Sony MAX’s Chat Bot Filmykaant is their all-time Bollywood buddy

Sony MAX Filmykaant
artificial intelligence (AI) Chat Bot

In a bid to engage with viewers beyond their television screens, Sony MAX recently launched ‘Filmykaant’ – television world’s first-ever artificial intelligence (AI) Chat Bot in India. Developed with an advanced technology with an in-built ability to read Hinglish (a mix of English and Hindi), Filmykaant engages with nation-wide cinema lovers 24×7.

While Filmy kaant is becoming best friends with all the movie buffs out there, it has also spread its magic over our favorite Television celebrities. Below are the experiences of the actors who actually had a chat with Filmy kaant and now has become their go to site for all the news related to Bollywood:

Siddharth Nigam

I am a big movie buff and a follower of Bollywood but due to my busy schedule, I tend to miss out on lot of Bollywood gossip. However, I do not need to worry about that because now we have with Filmy kaant. The best part about Filmy kaant is that you can talk to him at any time, whenever I am bored and want to have a fun chat I tend to ping Filmy kaant and discuss Bollywood with him.

Avneet Kaur

Filmykaant is amusing, enjoyable and entertaining. What drives me to chat with him again is again are his sprouting filmy replies which never fail to tickle my funny bones. Sony MAX’s Filmykaant is super fun and I feel it is for all the age groups as it has a vast collection of movies, which does not leave me bored for a second. The best thing about Filmy kaant is it is in Hinglish which makes me feel that I am actually taking to a friend who is a big Bollywood fan.”

Hiba Nawab

I was truly impressed when I had my first chat with Filmykaant, it was funny and all about Bollywood! There is so much to do on one platform. I can chat with him as if he is my best friend, discuss Bollywood, get to know Bollywood trivia and also play a quiz. It has become one of my favorite things to do. It helps me increase my Bollywood knowledge and also who doesn’t love getting all the insights of Bollywood in your free time!”

Nikhil Khurana

Filmykaant is actually the hero of Bollywood trivia. Now I do not need to go through long news pieces or switch on the television to get news on Bollywood. The way he chats is hilarious. I often log onto my Facebook account to chat with him and to get my Bollywood dose as I am a Hindi movie fanatic. The way Sony MAX has made use of technology in a fun way is amazing.

Sony MAX
Sony MAX

Gaurav Wadhwa

Filmykaant is definitely every Bollywood buff’s go to site. There are so many reasons to love the this witty and funny chat bot. You can find gossip, play quizzes, get trivia about Bollywood and all of this in Hinglish that adds on to the Bollywood flavour. I often find myself taking quizzes and reading trivia on Filmykaant, and that makes me realize that I need to brush up my Bollywood knowledge.”

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